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PostPosted: Tue Aug 17, '10, 9:42 pm 
Raja - my favorite character, corny and just generally awesome.
Rika - what's not to love?
Gryz - would prefer a PS/PSII style motovian but I'll take what I can get.
Wren - he's a great powerhouse and so steadfast, ol' reliable.
Demi - not the most powerful but useful and unique.

I was tempted to bring along Seth just because I think he looks like Mario but it wasn't enough to get over the whole super evil entity thing. I've always found Chaz and Rune to be a bit annoying so while they are among the most useful, yeah. Plus, the thought of making Chaz and Rune stay behind together struck me as amusing. It was a toss up between Rika and Kyra, both are great, but the numan won out in the end. Alys, she's great but doesn't quite cut it power-wise.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 6, '12, 11:08 am 
Well find, the league of evil !:)
Here is my "Le Roof" team :)
1) Rika : like Kaihaku have said before, impossible not to take her !
2) Wren : The powerful android is a must have in your team.
3) Demi : Not a character too present in the game but I love her so : in my team !
4) Gryz : the great motavian must be present because there is a lot of diversity in my team (and I like him too !!)
5) Alys : impossible not to take her ! And this time for the WHOLE adventure !

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 9, '12, 5:01 am 
Actually, I never thought to bring other characters into my lineup... hmmm >:)

Hahn - Because I like Hahn even if he is underrated.
Alys - Because Alys is not only beautiful, but awesome.
Zio - Sure he did something bad to someone in my party, but just look at him! That alone gets him a place in my party.
Re-Faze - Even if you had to balance him out (majorly) by making him turn into a Palman Vessel, I think he'd be an awesome character.
And lastly, I think I would take Wr-De- hmm... Wren or Demi, hard to choose between them right now...

PostPosted: Wed Feb 6, '13, 9:11 pm 
My (joke) team: Alys, Alys, Alys, Alys and Alys. :lol:

She's the best character I've ever played. Hands down! And with end-game equipment,
she'll usually do about 300+ damage (like she did on my *hacked* save)!
I love her too much...

Anyway, my team:
Alys - She's awesome!
Rika - She's so adowable!
Wren - High HP, awesome physical stats, AND I love his design!
Rune - One word: Legion. And he's as awesome as Alys!
Raja - With Rika also being there for healing, my team would be pretty invincible.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 6, '13, 10:06 pm 
THE REVIVER : I'm not sure that Tlinelson is goieng to agree with you about Alys's being one of the best character in PS IV ! :lol:
But good team anyway :)

PostPosted: Thu Feb 7, '13, 8:50 am 
myau56 wrote:THE REVIVER : I'm not sure that Tlinelson is goieng to agree with you about Alys's being one of the best character in PS IV ! :lol:
But good team anyway :)

Oh, why? Doesn't he like her? I just said so 'cause I like her, and thanks! :)

PostPosted: Thu Feb 7, '13, 12:16 pm 
It's known here that Tilinelson isn't in fact fan of Phantasy Star IV ! And not a fan of Alys also if I'm not mistaken ! I'll try to let you know it by posting a link if I can find one :)
And never mind about the thanks ! :)

PostPosted: Sun Mar 9, '14, 12:38 pm 
I think I'd take one slasher girl and in this case Kyra. I like Alys, but Kyra is the better character (of course that's also because Alys was an expendable character from the start). Kyra has a broad range of techniques, both offensively (I think she leans NaGra?) and good healing.

Hahn is just sweet with his many techniques. Couple him with Raja (for his TP replenish) and you have a nice group of spellcaster. In that aspect, Rune might seem to overdo it and I never cared for him. But I also never cared for Chaz or Gryz. I'd take Rika as my fourth, I like her and without Chaz she still brings decent damage output to the group. She can heal also. I'd love to leave the androids out since, well especially Wren makes it too easy. But without Chaz we need a powerhouse and we have enough healing in our group already. So I'll pick Wren, Rika, Raja, Kyra and Hahn.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 9, '14, 9:27 pm 
FOGELTJE : Yes, Shess/Kyra can use Nagra from level 40 ! :)

PostPosted: Sat Apr 19, '14, 12:23 pm 
Kyra - She's awesome, and has great spells!
Raja - He's a great healer! And with Holyword, he can kill evil enemies in one hit in places like Zios fort!
Wren - He has great attacks, and he has Barrier, to increase magic defence.
Alys - She is awesome, and I really want to have her in the party the whole time
Seth - Meh, I just want him there.

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