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PostPosted: Sun Aug 15, '10, 8:58 pm 
Wren - cause he's awesome.
Rune - cause he's got powerful skills to spare.
Kyra - cause she's cute and underrated.
Demi - cause she's also cute, useful, and underrated. And an android.
Zio - if I could.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 15, '10, 9:01 pm 
Demi-she's my favorite and underrated. Sure, she doesn't have Wren's firepower, but Medical Power's saved my butt more times than I care to count.
Raja-With him, healing needs are taken care of!
Rune-Raja's opposite, just keep throwing the spells out there.
Alys-versatile, a little of everything.
Hahn-also underrated. And I just like him.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 15, '10, 10:39 pm 
Well let's see now.

Demi - She's got some nice abilities and is funny to see tagging along. Bless her stumpyness. :p
Alys - She can dish out the pain and take plenty of it too. Plus she has some good techniques and abilities.
Rika - Individual and group healing and buffing is covered and she can hit pretty hard too. Throw in the fact she allows Alys to pull off deadly image and you're sorted.
Rune - Technique madness covered.
Hahn - He actually complements a few of the others well by allowing for some nasty combo attacks.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 16, '10, 7:30 am 
Rika: She's the lovable Numan that you just can't get enough of. Plus I just enjoy her art designs and her personality which makes her part of my group.

Alys: The original leader of the group, you just can't get more awsome then this. This girl has the power to stand up with the baddest of the baddies. Plus she looks cool in her outfit while slashing things with her slashers.

Kyra: Cmon she looks like Sailor Mercury. The hawtest of the hawt from Sailor Moon. But seriously Kyra is a perfect character for my group cause of her magic. She's right behind Rune in power which I like cause Rune is just overpowered.

Demi: Wow its starting to look like a full blown woman party aint it. I like Demi cause she's so unappreciated throughout the game. Her medic power is great for a full group revive and she can pack a punch against even the strongest of enemies. Plus her character design is so cute its strangely attractive.

Hahn: Wow this guy.. I like Hahn cause hes not a master swordsman or some mystical magician from the past. Hahn is just a typical guy who tries to get by in life by working hard and training both his mind and body. He comes with a good set of skills and even if you place him with a dagger or two he can still deal a good amount of damage.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 16, '10, 7:33 am 
Isn't Kaloes the best? Giving Hahn a Harem. You are the MAN! :lol:

PostPosted: Mon Aug 16, '10, 9:41 am 
Alys, Chaz, Rune, Wren, Raja

PostPosted: Mon Aug 16, '10, 10:40 am 
As for me, Alys, Rune, Wren, Hahn and Raja.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 16, '10, 12:22 pm 
Atlinsmere wrote:Isn't Kaloes the best? Giving Hahn a Harem. You are the MAN! :lol:

Except Alys would probably keep asking him for money. :p

PostPosted: Mon Aug 16, '10, 2:24 pm 
My party doesn't have place for sissies who die with one or two attacks. In PSII, I always play with Rolf, Rudo, Anna and Kain, so my PSIV ideal party would not be so far from it.

I choose the characters by empathy also, so some are included because of that.

Raja - Great healing skills, strong magic attack and the best character of the game;
Wren - Blunt power is always good. Androids are good as characters (as in PS III)
Chaz - He becomes too strong with the best weapons and megido. His character is not great, but has some glimpses through the game.
Rika - Fast attacks, some healing and as though as numans are one of the worst ideas in PSIV, her character is good.
Gryz - More strength and an interesting character. Also, one of the nicest things about PSIV is to include a Motavian and a Dezorian in the party, so why not have them both?

Demi is ok too, but with another android, she becomes superfluous.
Hahn and Kyra suffer from the same problem: they are somewhat weak and they don't stay too much in your party. Their characters are always in background, so I don't feel too much empathy for them as well.
Alys - Never develops to a strength she would be justifiable in the final party (keep in mind she is strong in the beginning because she is already lv 7) and her character is only good in the first 15 minutes of game, then it becomes boring, predictable and exaggerated, so her temperament becomes annoying
Rune - Some good techniques, but not strong, so I'd discard him. His character is by far the worst of all series. They wanted so much to make him a * that he ended up being bad (and something I can't say here too)

PostPosted: Mon Aug 16, '10, 8:15 pm 
Let's see...

Wren - Awesomeness incarnate. He recovers HP during walking, has a crapload of them, dishes out awesome damage, can put up a barrier, ... Overall, a freakin' awesome character I never want to miss once I got him.

Raja - Four words: Res, Regen and Ataraxia.

Rune - Nafoi/Nawat spam FTW! Also, Legeon.

Rika - Fast. Just fast. She's also useful as a backup healer, but even her Gires pales in comparison to Raja's Res. Still, she's fast and she dishes out quite good damage.

Hahn - Same thing to Rune as Rika is to Raja, I guess. He's got an awesome set of techs at his disposal, and don't tell me you aren't using Vision at every boss battle with him! Only drawback is that he's so freakin' weak, but that can be remedied by dual-shielding him, just like Rune...

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