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PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, '07, 12:23 am 
We all know that PSIV's parties are driven by the plot, but some characters are only with you for a blink of the eye. If you could create your own five character party, who would you include?
Here's mine:
1. Alys (My personal favorite. Strong and imperious.)
2. Hahn (I've come to like him lately. Great Tech damage!)
3. Wren (Logical, reliable, and replenishing HP while adventuring.)
4. Rune (For fireworks in battle and general swagger.)
5. Raja (He's pretty corny sometimes, but there's no one like him in any of the PS series!)

That's right, no Chaz. Can't stand him. He's whiny and pales in comparison to Alis and Rolf as a main hero because of his reluctance. They should've made Alys the hero of this title, if you ask me! And it pained me to leave off Rika, but I'll always love my Tech users. :wink:

PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, '07, 6:38 pm 
I'd use Rune, Wren, Alys, Demi, and Raja. I like using the techs and skills that can hit multiple enemies. These five together could make short work of almost anything with those.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 1, '07, 12:49 am 
That's a good one. Demi is neglected in this game!

PostPosted: Mon Jul 2, '07, 5:34 am 
Tough choice for me. I like techs and skills, but I always lean towards balance, I guess.

Chaz - No one seems to like him much, but I'll always have a soft spot for him. :D Besides, he's not that bad -- great for offense.
Rika - Another character who's good for offense and can support the party with strong healing techs.
Rune - Who wouldn't want Rune? Best tech user in the game, period.
Kyra - The last time I played, Kyra has grown on me. Her slashers are nice and she's excellent for tech combos. Also, her skills are nice. :)

The 5th was a hard pick for me. Alys, Wren, Raja, Gryz... Well, the way I look at it, Kyra was more useful than Alys, even if she didn't have the attitude. I like Gryz, but he couldn't do much other than attack. :(

I can't say that I liked Hahn much to use him again. As for Demi, I simply liked Wren more and found him to be more useful. (I don't think I left anyone out)

So, I'd go with Wren. He's a powerhouse that can dish out the damage, provided that he has the right gear and combos. ;) Raja's wit couldn't save him this time, though he's a very close 2nd for this spot. :p

PostPosted: Mon Jul 2, '07, 7:53 pm 
My lineup would be these:
  1. Rika[br]Deban is great, plus all her healing techs. She's a decent attacker, too.
  2. Rune[br]I've got to have that firepower. And windpower, and so on. :lol:
  3. Raja[br]A little extra healing doesn't hurt. I love that he has a TP recovering skill, too. Why didn't someone else also have that? It's soooo useful! He as a few good attack skills, too.
  4. Wren or Demi[br]It's a tossup between them. They are about the same to me, as far as attacks and play style. The only reasons I include one of the androids is for benefits that either can provide: a little extra healing in a tight spot, not affected by poison and other status attacks, and the magic Barrier.
  5. Seth[br]This is an odd choice, but I just really liked some of his skills. He's not that great at weapons combat (same reason I don't like to use Hahn late in game), but his skills are something most enemies don't seem prepared to face. I wouldn't use him against the last boss, though.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 2, '07, 11:47 pm 
Even Seth has got some admirers! :) Looks like every character has a vote now. That's just one more thing that makes PSIV so great; everyone has their favorite characters!

PostPosted: Mon Jul 9, '07, 5:25 am 
I would use Alys, Rune, Wren, Hahn, and Rika.
Alys is perhaps the greatest character on the game, Rune has some nice attacks, Wren always kind of stood out to me, Hahn may be weak at times but he is still good, and Rika for her great offense.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, '07, 6:20 am 
1. Rika: Considering she can do just about everything except revive how could I not take her.

2. Raja: Can't resist nearly unlimited TP and healing.

3. Kyra: She's a red mage without the drop-off at the middle of the game.

4. Demi: Wren's more powerful, but she doesn't get enough screen time.

5. Rune: This party has plenty of healing so it could use some damage dealing to go with it.

Alys, Seth, Gryz, Rune, and Wren would be interesting just for the challenge of it though.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, '07, 7:54 am 
Rika: Come on, you just need her, and one reason why, Saner.

Raja: Ataraxia anyone? And Regen as well.. Miracle.. which also heals andriods, very useful. And he can do everything else Rika can, cure-wise, and he has Blessing more Mental=More Defence added.

Demi: With the Guard Armour, and a bit of training to get up her health, and those Medic Power uses, she'd be an invaluable asset. Especially if everyone else is put to sleep/paralysed.

Chaz: Now, I've always liked Chaz, he's hard hitting with his skills and his techs aren't too bad either, fair enough he has very little TP, but Raja's got that covered.

Rune: Well.. it's obvious why.. xD

PostPosted: Sun Aug 15, '10, 7:59 pm 
This is a fun topic, so I'm bumping it up. Besides, I got a new party to play with. =P

Hahn - Cause he's awesome
Demi - She too is very awesome
Alys - I just couldn't get enough of her
Raja - For the jokes. =P
Gryz - Something about his attitude always got to me. >=D

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