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 Post subject: Crash Landing Coming Up
PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, '08, 8:12 am 
After telling his new friends that the shuttle is about to crash during the trip to Kuran, Wren tries to lighten the situation with a little joke of his own. "One crash landing coming up," he tells the panicking Chaz. Alas, the joke was lost on Chaz.


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PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, '08, 3:31 pm 
One of the best sequences in the entire game, this one. :rofl:

PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, '16, 10:13 pm 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

Love it!

PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, '16, 11:01 pm 
Rune: Chaz, do us a favor. Get out and find a place to moor the ship.
Chaz: Can't we just aim for a snowy patch to crash in?!
Rune: What, and scratch the paint? This baby's a classic. It's worth more than you are.
Wren: The purchase price of a Type IV shuttle such as this was 1.96 million Meseta pre-Great Collapse.
Rune: See? It's worth a lot of money. You're not. Find a landing zone, Chaz. (pushes him out the airlock)
Chaz: ;_;
Rika: Rune, we had parachutes...

PostPosted: Mon Sep 19, '16, 12:57 pm 
Master of the Landale ! :)

PostPosted: Tue Sep 20, '16, 11:55 am 

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