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 Post subject: Could Termi be Paseo?
PostPosted: Fri Jul 18, '08, 7:47 pm 
I recently played through Nei's Adventure (having finally found a way around a bug in the remake that makes it unfinishable). While doing so and researching the game online, I noticed that there is a statue of Alis and Myau in the city, near the Central Tower. It sounds a lot like the statue in Termi during Phantasy Star IV. Do you think Termi and Paseo could be located in the same place, or was the statue perhaps moved out of Paseo at some point?

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 22, '08, 1:43 pm 
The statue of Alis with Myau was created in memory of the heroine (and "her" cat) that visited that town in AW382 before dethroning LaShiec. Well... the only moments that "the person of courage" was alone with her cat (which actually wasn't her pet but Odin's friend) was after trading a laconian pot by Myau (Paseo) and before freed Odin from Medusa's curse (in Palma).

If Termi is not Paseo, then Alis, between those moments (saving Myau and meeting Odin), traveled through Termi (which couldn't be too far away from Paseo). However, Termi is uncharted in PSI and it is impossible for us to witness Alis' actions in that town (this still doesn’t mean that Termi and Paseo are different towns).

So, let's see similarities between Termi (PSIV) and Paseo (PSII):
1- In both PSII and PSIV there are people that moved to Paseo/Termi because it was a peaceful town compared to the nearby town. Basically in PSIV there were a lot of earthquakes that were destroying their houses and Termi was the only village they could move since quicksand was blocking the way to the other towns. In PSII scoundrels were destroying houses and they couldn't move to any other towns but Paseo because Darum was blocking the way.

2-Like Paseo, Termi has a plateau (the hill where the statue is). We know that Paseo in PSII has a hill because Grandma from clone lab suggested us to burry Nei2nd there (she eventually was taken by Lutz? from there and placed in Silver Dome before AW1999).

3-Termi (PSIV) and Paseo (PSII) are geographical compatible in terms of location. To tell you the truth I always thought Paseo in PSIV was located somewhere near the valley of Tonoe or even underwater between Tonoe and Zema. However I was ignoring the rest of Motabia’s land so, in a global view Termi MAY be the exactly location of Paseo (like in PSII it would be at EAST of Piata and Zema (and NE of Uzo).

...And I think the statue wasn't moved because Citizens of Termi have a tradition of good artisans (they do this kind of things), they stated Alis passed by there (and the statue was related to those events, consequently they built it there as an homage to her)....... there also seems to be an entrance to the gubernator’s city hall or an entrance for a city council (I really can't tell but it would make since if the gubernator of Motabia placed the statue in front of the gubernator’s house).


I can't tell for sure, but if Termi is really Paseo that would explain why Lutz (Rune IMO) erected his tower there. Maybe that was where the old Naharu tower was or, at least, according to PSI game actions (not the “physical” map) Paseo was the nearest town to that tower. Lutz may have visited Paseo many times since he and the gubernator had good relations at that time (he even sent him a letter).

 Post subject: Re: Could Termi be Paseo?
PostPosted: Fri Apr 30, '21, 11:55 pm 
I dont think so. If you rotate the PSIV map of Motavia 90 degrees counter-clockwise, much lines up to its respective locations. Zema, Piata, Uzo--all are pretty much the same.

But Termi, is too far Northeast, to be Paseo. Unless the entire city relocated after PSIV, it just doesn't line up.

 Post subject: Re: Could Termi be Paseo?
PostPosted: Sat May 1, '21, 10:10 am 
It would be funny if Alicer and Myaw never saved a town called Termi and now those citizens are profiting with that legend through tourism and souvenirs:
Quote:- This village has a lot of history. Apparently, a heroine came to visit, and took to this town greatly!
- The statue of the heroine is atop that hill. It is said that even the most skilled stone mason could not do justice to her beauty.
- This is the Hill of the Person of Courage. Isn't it romantic? Perfect for a couple, isn't it?
- Ah, there's lots of greenery and the smell of the sea!

Motabia's map is a point to have in consideration, but personally I don't think the it would be a problem after the Great Collapse. I think after that event anything can go with the Motabia's Pangea.

Regardless of that, I think Termi's statue is really a reference to that statue from Nei's Text Adventure, mainly because the description of the Paseo's statue matches what we see in PSIV:
Quote:Statues of the legendary heroes Alisa and Myau rise from a small pond in the center of the plaza. Outfitted for battle, and with a laconia sword and animal claws equipped respectively, they have a gallant appearance to them.

I also wanted to point out that according to the pennant they sell at Baya Mare gift shop, the town's name Image (terumi) may have been intended to be called TELLMI (either Tell Mi or Tell-Me), not Termi.


In the picture we see the statue of a heroine at the top of the hill, we also see the sea and we can also see the town's name.

Tell is a word with Arabic origins that describes ruins of long lived ancient settlements which often appears today on the shape of tall hills (e.g. Tell es-Sultan was Jericho, Tell ed-Duwier was Lachish, etc.). More details about this phenomenon can be found here

The name of the town can be an important piece of evidence, because it is not the first time Phantasy Star uses Arabic references (e.g. desert setting and some hunter's clothes, Algol and the Sheik/LaSheik, an important medicine starting with Al). In the end, I cannot discard the possibility that maybe Tell-Mi was meant to be Paseo and its ruins are on the lowest layers. If so, then we can literally see Alicer holding her laconian sword (which was the model that Baya Mare gift shop had based their Alis' sword).

 Post subject: Re: Could Termi be Paseo?
PostPosted: Wed Aug 4, '21, 3:57 pm 
I think Soldier's Temple is where Paseo used to be. The central Mota lake, faced drought after The Great Collapse. Take the PSIV map, and rotate it 30 degrees counterclockwise as above, then Paseo is, them where Soldier's Temple is. That area with water surrounding Soldier's Temple, is the central Mota lake. With the map rotated this way, Zema / Biosystems is still West/Southwest of Paseo/Soldier's Temple/Mota Lake, and Piata is still South/ Southeast of it.

Mota itself went through massive drought, and could no longer be artificially terraformed after PSII's Great Collapse. So given that, this is why there is more land surface area locations in PSII compared to PSIV. Over the 1000 years, areas previously underwater, rose above sea-level, adding the previously submerged land-masses and mountainous locations we see after the drought.

As to why some towns are not around in PSIV, The Great Collapse cause 90% of all life (mentioned in the Phantast Star compendium) in Algol to die. (way to go, Rolf) So these ghost-towns became unpopulated, and over the 1000 years, degraded and eroded.

Perhaps the people of Paseo relocated east to Termi, taking their culture and reverence of Alis.

And why is the Aeroprism in Soldier's Temple, where Paseo used to be? Those brave "soldiers" are the team from PSII. And their leader, Rolf, is from Paseo, as was their HQ. What better place for Lutz to place to Aeroprism as a way to honor Rolf and Co.'s sacrifices?

 Post subject: Re: Could Termi be Paseo?
PostPosted: Wed Aug 18, '21, 5:36 pm 
Additionally, Rolf/Eusis was a federal agent, akin to FBI and CIA. Rudo was formerly a military guy. Both can be considered, "soldiers," occupationally.

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