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 Post subject: Cougar kills man
PostPosted: Sun May 20, '18, 10:39 pm 
A cougar has supposedly killed one man and went after another man in Washington State. The cougar has evaded authorities so far: ... cid=AARDHP

They are beautiful cats but can be deadly!

 Post subject: Re: Cougar kills man
PostPosted: Mon May 21, '18, 10:22 am 
Beautiful and deadly is the good name for them ! Be careful...

 Post subject: Re: Cougar kills man
PostPosted: Mon May 21, '18, 4:52 pm 
So first off, this certainly isn't great for the victims nor their families. But with any story like this, particularly this time of year, I always wonder if people who have been attacked by animals were doing anything to aggravate the animal in question. This time of year in particular, you have mothers that are caring for young, and mothers with young will attack basically anything they perceive as threatening their offspring - and yes, that does include simply getting too close to get a photograph. Professional wildlife photographers have specialized technology for a reason to capture pictures without having to put themselves nor their intended subject in harm's way. If they hunt this animal down and it turns out it was just simply a nursing mother defending her young from people bothering her, my sympathy goes straight to the animal, particularly the now orphaned young, more than the people who didn't have common sense to keep a healthy distance from a wild animal with babies.

I remember back in high school there was a story in the news of someone who got attacked by a black bear...turned out later, it was because he was harassing her and her cubs. No wonder mom got aggressive. I'm not trying to be unsympathetic, but when it comes to animals, they have every right to self defense and people very much have a responsibility to employ some common sense, particularly in spring when mothers are caring for their babies.

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