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 Post subject: 3DS and Vita questions
PostPosted: Thu Jan 30, '14, 1:32 pm 
I'm thinking of picking up a 3DS and a Vita after work today, and I have some questions for those that have them. I know myau56 is a 3DS guru, not sure if there are any Vita players here or not.

Anyway, I was talking to a guy that works in electronics at Target who is a pretty big gamer, and he recommended that I get a 3DSXL over the regular 3DS model. He said that the regular 3DS has some problems that were addressed with the XL. He said the hinges sometimes break on the original model, the battery life is not as good, and the original model does not have a lock on the 3D slider. The screen is also bigger obviously. So should I go with the XL? I can just user regular SD flash cards for memory right?

The Vita I'm potentially going to get is the 3G model. It's the same price as the wifi only model and it's the only model they currently have. I don't have to enable the 3G stuff right? Can I just use it as a wifi device?

Thanks in advance.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 30, '14, 2:03 pm 
I know little of the Vita, but I have a friend who has one and he loves it. I think one of his favorite features on the Vita is that a lot of PS3 games you can also play on Vita, and carry your saves between the platforms. Now, when it comes to games on both platforms, I'm not sure if you buy one and can download the other free, or if you have to buy separately, or what, and it may even vary between games. I'm also not sure if you can disable 3G on the 3G model, but it'd be pretty silly if they didn't have that option, in my opinion. I mean, disabling 3G is a feature on smartphones and I'm pretty sure you can disable 3G on e-book readers with that feature.

For the 3DS, my boyfriend got an XL pretty recently. The screens are bigger and the 3D slider does lock in position nicely. I think it came with an SD card for memory, but not sure there. But I do know SD cards work, and apparently, you can also use micro SD cards with a proper adapter. So I'd say 3DS XL over the standard model, if possible. Dunno if there's a price difference, though.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 30, '14, 9:02 pm 
The Vita feature you are talking is the Remote Play feature. It lets you play PS3 games on the Vita if the same game is on both systems. I'm not sure which games support it because I don't intend to use it.

Certain games have joint purchases between the Vita and PS3. Some games do this, but it is up to the developer if they want to allow this. DiveKick does this. If you buy it on PS3, you can download it on Vita as well. Games like Street Fighter X Tekken require you to purchase each game separately, but if I'm not mistaken, they share DLC, meaning you only have to buy the DLC on one platform to get it on both.

I'm pretty sure you can disable the 3G somehow, but I mainly want to know if I can cancel the whole process altogether and not go through the setup at all.

I don't think the 3DS comes with a memory card, but it probably depends on if you get a bundle or not. I do not intend to buy a bundle, just the system, so it may not come with one.

I will probably go with the XL, and get an SD card with it. The XL is 30 more dollars, but if I'm dropping $400, another 30 isn't going to matter.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 30, '14, 9:36 pm 
A 3DS guru ? Maybe ! But I'm a guru of great machines (so it's true that I'll never be Vita Giru ! ;) That is for sure ^^)
3DS comes with a memory card BUT that was in the bundle of the 3DS XL black model here in France (I think that it's the same here !).
And yes, if you buy a 3DS, go for the XL : it's far more better, the screens are great and the battery is better too ! I dindn't have the first 3DS model but ...some friends have bought it and I'm sure about it :)

PostPosted: Fri Jan 31, '14, 2:01 am 
Thanks myau56. I'm going to get the XL then. Unfortunately I went to the store after work today and the guy I know wasn't working, so I decided to wait and buy them when he is working because I think they get commission. I'll have to ask him when I see him.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 1, '14, 11:19 pm 
Good choice ! I hope you'll see him soon :) And I give you a hint : try to have Bravely Default ! This game is so great ! :clap:

PostPosted: Sun Feb 2, '14, 12:53 am 
I have heard much about Bravely Default, unfortunately I can't stomach JRPGs anymore, so I wouldn't even bother with it. The only JRPGs I can play these days are nostalgic games that I used to play when I was younger. I think the last JRPG games I liked were Phantasy Star Portable and Crisis Core.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 2, '14, 11:00 am 
You have heard much about Bravely Default ? That is logicl as this game is truly FAANTASTIC :!
Even if you can't stand Japanese RPG anymore (except Phantasy Star ? ;) ) : but like you have said, you can play old RPG and that is great and I can understand why some people can't afford to play JRPG nowadays...
If you can, try to hear to BD's OST that is FANTASTIC !

PostPosted: Mon Feb 3, '14, 10:37 pm 
I got my 3DSXL and my Vita. I also got a 16GB memory card for each, and Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate for 3DS and Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus & Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus.

I have not opened them yet, I'm waiting for a day when I can have time to screw around with them, and I've been working every day. Not really sure when I'm going to check them out, I might wait a little while.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 4, '14, 12:33 pm 
Great news ! Congrats :) Castlevania lords of shadow ? I will buy it soon ! :)
You can wait as, when you'll start to play them, maybe you will have a lot of time on them ! :lol:

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