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PostPosted: Thu Apr 9, '20, 1:03 am 
It has been a devastating week (and month) so far in the US and in some other places due to the coronavirus pandemic, and still the peak time expected in the US is still days away. ... in-us.html

PostPosted: Thu Apr 9, '20, 12:38 pm 
Good luck to you all in the USA...:( The peak seems to be far away...:(

PostPosted: Sun Apr 12, '20, 1:33 am 
New Jersey has been hit pretty hard too... I just hope everyone is safe or recovers...

PostPosted: Mon Apr 13, '20, 3:42 pm 
Updates on the Coronavirus state by state and for the first time ever US President Trump has declared all 50 States in the US as a major disaster areas due to the coronavirus, etc.: ... me-history ... -breakdown

PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, '20, 11:36 am 
Same here : all the regions here in France are hit but not at the same "rate" : here in the west part we are not hit too hard...luckily ! To everyone, stay safe !

PostPosted: Fri Apr 17, '20, 9:22 pm 
Updates on the coronavirus Pandemic. Still very many new cases and several new deaths. This is not over with yet. Could it be too soon to lift the "stay at home" orders, or not? ... 945223002/

PostPosted: Sat Apr 18, '20, 12:11 pm 
Stay at home seem to be the only true way to "fight" this epidemy so...:(

PostPosted: Wed Apr 29, '20, 7:08 pm 
Coronavirus is still causing much sickness and loss of lives, however, it seems to be slowing down a bit in some parts of the USA and other parts of the world. Many places in several US States are beginning to open back up for business, etc. Social distancing orders are almost set to expire in many places, however, it may be best to use your own judgement on where you go and if you leave your home from quarantine, atleast for awhile yet. It may be possible this thing is not entirely over with yet and it may take a good while to get back to normal, if there will even be such a thing as "normal" again. Stay safe and stay aware everyone.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 30, '20, 11:11 am 
It's slowing down here too but still high alas...:(

PostPosted: Fri May 1, '20, 6:02 am 
Thrift Stores re-opened here this week (hooray!). But this year's spring yard sale season was utterly ruined (boo! hiss!).

A lot of confusion about this here in South Carolina, as the state government is reporting over 6,000 total deaths related to Covid-19 state-wide as of yesterday. But local level hospital officials are seemingly very confused as to where these deaths are actually happening at as the two large corporate-owned hospital conglomerates, which control all hospitals in this region of the state, can only account for about 200 total known Covid-19 related deaths. So the state governement reporting our region having over a thousand deaths is very much in contention with the tally counts by the actual hospitals in this region where any Covid-19 patients woud have been treated at. Also if there were that many deaths, why then would the elected government officials for this region of the state be so inclined to keep publicly stating that there's been very little impact in our region, which seems to be in total agreeance with the tallies reported by the two hospital systems. Something just doesn't add up about this mess. And alas, my drunken partying drug dealing neighbors clearly have been uneffected by this at all, if anything the flow of BMWs and Asian Tuners into their driveway would imply their business has been way, way, up because of this mess.

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