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PostPosted: Tue Jun 5, '12, 3:30 pm 
I had this really strange dream last night, so I wanted to share it with you because it was about Phantasy star 4.

Just before The PS4 party is supposed to go to The Edge, Rune says that there is a Fish of Life (I think it should have been a fish of death, but in my dream he said life) that intends to fuse with a Dark Force to become insanely powerful, and that the party needs a staff of air to prevent them from drowning while they fight it.So the party goes to some temple and easily gets the staff.
They go underwater and find the fish, which looks like a giant alien blue/purple hulking monstrosity,and not like a fish at all.
So the battle begins and there is a timer that is ticking all the time, and if it runs out you die, but using the staff of air resets the timer.
The "fish" attacks using dark energy, water, and electricity, not to mention sharp claws.
In the middle of the battle, Rune says that it is too late and that he is sensing the Black Energy wave, meaning Dark Force is already there.The fish becomes completely black for a minute, then it grows like crazy and becomes an "Eldritch abomination",I remember the face looked like Half of Dark force's face and Half of the fish's face fused together in the middle. Rune says that it's a hopeless battle now but Chaz says that it coudn't be more powerful than the Profound Darkness and tells everyone to attack.
The battle begins again, the timer is still ticking, so the staff must be used regularily, and the fish is twice as powerful, so they have a hard time with it. Then it suddenly runs away and Rune says that it's gone to pester other worlds and that they shouldn't worry about it anymore, everyone looks at Rune like :knockout: .
Suddenly the party is at a bakery, eating cookies, and then I started dreaming about something else (something about my Grandfather).

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 5, '12, 10:52 pm 
Very strange ! What did you do the day before to have such a weird dream ? ;)

PostPosted: Wed Jun 6, '12, 1:17 am 
In your dream, Rune kind of sounds like a jerk, being all negative about winning the battle and then letting the creature run away. The boss battle does sound like a pretty good fight, though.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 6, '12, 7:57 am 
I did nothing special the day before the dream.

And it's funny how Rune is a jerk in my dream when actually I like him alot.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 6, '12, 9:48 am 
I'm a bit jealous because I've never dreamed about Phantasy Star...:(
And about the special things the day before that was just a joke : dreams are coming in a way and is far beyond comprehension...

PostPosted: Wed Jun 6, '12, 12:23 pm 
MMXPERT wrote:And it's funny how Rune is a jerk in my dream when actually I like him alot.

To be fair, he's a bit of a jerk in the game. But maybe not a big enough jerk to let a monster get away. Anyway, that sounds like a truly bizarre dream. Our minds are funny things sometimes.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 6, '12, 2:22 pm 
Ever had a game-dream yourself?

PostPosted: Wed Jun 6, '12, 9:31 pm 
Me I've never had a game-dream but maybe I effectively had one and forgot about it...^^

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