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PostPosted: Wed Aug 25, '10, 10:29 pm 
Just saw this story online where Keith Richards, of "The Rolling Stones" and Jay-Z will each visit a Library in New York on different dates to give a talk and help promote sales of their new books: ... alks_N.htm

Keith Richard's new book is titled: " Life " .

Jay-Z's new book is titled: " Decoded " .

Many celebrities, authors, and others often visit various branches of Libraries in various cities to help promote their new books or other published works, etc., or for other various reasons.

Sometimes an Author who was born in a certain area may visit their hometown Library to promote their books also.

Can you think of any famous celebrities or local celebrities who have visited a Library in or close to your area? Were you able to get to meet them and have them sign a book for you, or anything like that?

PostPosted: Wed Aug 25, '10, 10:52 pm 
I wouldn't call them celebrities, but I know a few local authors have had library visits and book signings here. I don't remember any of there names (hence, not celebrities), but I see a notice about it every now and then.

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