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PostPosted: Mon Sep 5, '22, 5:39 pm 
Unofficial holidays for September 5th include the following:

(1)National Cheese Pizza Day

(2)International Bacon Day

(3)International Day Of Charity ... of_Charity

(4)Teacher's Day (in India)

UPDATE 9/05/2022:

Today is Charity Day, Cheese Pizza Day, etc.

Today is also the anniversary of the first meeting of the Continental Congress in Sept. 1774 in Philadelphia: ... iladelphia

Also some of the above unofficial days may be celebrated on other days of the month if they are usually on a particular day of the week such as a first Monday or first Saturday in the month, etc. Check your yearly calendars for exact days.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 6, '22, 1:07 pm 
So many anniversaries on this day ! :o :sweat:

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