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PostPosted: Sun Oct 24, '10, 11:50 pm 
Since Mega Man is one of the most popular game series of all time, what is your favorite game in the "Classic" series, and your favorite game in the "X" series? For me, it's Mega Man 1 in Classic, and in X, it's Megaman X4 (Sega Saturn)

PostPosted: Mon Oct 25, '10, 12:02 am 
MegaMan 3 in the classics on the NES. I haven't played any of the X games.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 25, '10, 11:06 am 
Mega Man 2, without a doubt. The music is great. The difficulty is just right (unlike MM, MM3, and MM4, which were hard beyond belief, or MM5 and MM6, which you could beat only using your Mega Buster if you wanted to) and Metal Man's weapon is the only weapon I saw in the first six games that you can totally replace your mega buster with, which is awesome.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 26, '10, 1:07 am 
I'd have to agree with Mega Man 2. I think I only played the first four games, not counting Game Boy titles, but that was the one I enjoyed most. It's been ages since I played any of the classic games, though.

The first game in the X series was the only one of those I've played. Well, unless you count Command Mission, but that's a different kettle of fish.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 28, '10, 2:57 pm 
For the Classic: Megaman 3. While it's almost a tie with Megaman 2, I find Megaman 3 had more content in it and thus a little longer. For the rest, I find 2 and 3 to be pretty similar, and it starts going a little downhill starting with 4.

For the X series: X4. Totally loved the "real" inclusion of Zero (not just a summon like in X3), which gave us two differents style of gameplay. The 2D graphics were really awesome when it was first released, it's my favorite soundtrack of the X series, and it doesn't try to give us some weird optional and useless side-quest like the X-Hunters of X2 or those two robots I can't remember the name from X3 (and vile). It was simple, to the point, everything was done right, and even with the bad english voice acting, I totally loved the anime cutscene. Which gave us great moment like Wily flashback in Zero memory or the fight Zero VS Sigma.

Following X4, it would be the original X game...well even better, it's remake Maverick Hunter X, which is the total definition of a perfect remake for me. Enhance graphics and music, new characters, anime cutscene, and even better design in the stage and items placement (it may be stupid, but now it's possible to finish the game without any upgrade, while in the original, you had to get the Boot. This is those little things that shown you that Capcom have listened to their fans, even for small details).

PostPosted: Thu Oct 28, '10, 11:37 pm 
I love almost every Megaman game, with few exceptions. My favorite classic game is Megaman 3. As for the X series, it'd definitely be X4. MMX Command Mission was also a pretty good game too, even though it's an RPG and not a platformer.

Also, does anyone want Megaman X9 to be made?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 5, '10, 3:41 pm 
Before, yes. But with Keiji Inafune gone, no, I don't want it anymore. Let's remember that Inafune wanted to stop the X series at X5, and continue with the Zero series. But Capcom say "screw you", and made X6 and X7 without him, which was badly received by the fanbase, to a point where they supplied him to come back and save the series, and he did IMHO. X8 was excellent. But now without him, if a X9 was created, we'll be back at the crappy state X6-7 were...except if Inti Create does it. They seem to know how to handle a good Megaman maybe...

PostPosted: Mon Feb 14, '11, 6:04 am 
X6 is probably the WORST in the X series for me. I hated that game. I hated it so much that after the first time I never played it again.

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