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 Post subject: Comic Con 2016 San Diego
PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, '16, 6:49 pm 
Lots of interesting things going on this week at Comic Con in San Diego. A new trailor for the upcoming "Wonder Woman" movie, news and a trailor about the "Skull Island" movie, and more: ... ar-BBuIWV5

PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, '16, 9:16 pm 
There are rumblings that Blizzard might be announcing another new hero for Overwatch at Comic-Con, along with holding a panel about developing Ana, who was introduced publicly 1 week ago (and was in the public test servers a week prior to that). Along with new gear and such. That's cool, I'm down. But Blizz, first, you might want to iron out more balance issues on Overwatch, you're going back and forth with McCree here, and you've admitted that Mercy wasn't where you wanted her in the PTR, so why did you release a public patch instead of keeping it in PTR for further testing?

Also where are the t-shirts with Mercy's Guardian Angel icon on it?

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