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PostPosted: Thu Oct 10, '13, 12:58 pm 
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Apparently there was a mandatory work-study program that required the students to manufacture Playstation 4 units, or they would not get their diploma. The article says they were required to work long hours and were forced to do it, even though it wasn't related to their studies.

I guess this is one way to keep costs down.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 13, '13, 3:39 am 
Chinese forced into performing slave labor... did someone at Kotaku actually find this to be surprising?

And Foxxcon, horrible company. We carry none of Foxxcon's cra-products at work because it all either stops working or physically self destructs within one year of use. And, they always refuse to honor their stated warranties. The junk products they make under contract for Apple Computer Company seem to be the only products that undergo any form of quality control... so that stuff typically lasts for about as long as the Apple warranty is good for.

Now the next generation of consoles looks bleak indeed. I'd determined on the PS4 being my next-gen console of choice, but now I have no viable candidates.

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