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PostPosted: Fri Dec 2, '11, 6:20 am 
Some McDonald's restaurants are beginning to charge a price for Happy Meal Toys. The toys were previously free with a purchased Happy Meal but due to some restrictions and a ban where restaurants can not give away these toys with a meal, this is hopefully a good compromise and a way where kids can still get a toy if they want one. ... -meal-toys

What do you think about the fee McD's is charging for these toys? :up: or :down: ?

PostPosted: Sat Dec 3, '11, 9:28 am 
That's an inventive way of getting around the law. If it's a success, I would not be surprised to see other stores in areas not affected by the law adopt the same practice. It's a very low price and the proceeds will likely provide a nice boost to that charity.

I just wonder how long it will take before supporters of the "ban free toys" law try to make "ban toys altogether" law.

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