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 Post subject: McD Build your own burger
PostPosted: Tue Dec 9, '14, 11:58 pm 
Kind of sounds like a new spin on "have it your way" to me. What does everyone think? ... cid=AARDHP

I wonder if there will be a limit on the number of patties or other ingredients?? If not, some orders may get out of hand.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 10, '14, 2:06 pm 
I'm really skeptical of how far McDonald's can push itself to be more like these chains that are fast, but are higher quality with better ingredients but more expensive. Their business model just isn't built to do that kind of thing, where Tasty Burger, Five Guys and others like that built their business model around that. It COULD work, but I feel like it's just simply a response to competition offered by these other chains who've been doing it for a long time and do it better.

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