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 Post subject: McD's early breakfast
PostPosted: Wed Aug 8, '12, 11:22 am 
McDonald's is trying out some new beginning hours for their breakfast menu: ... ansmsnbc11

In my opinion, this should be a good move as there are more people awake and moving around during this time period than what one might think. Many people are traveling and many others just can't sleep. Breakfast foods sounds good during this time.

Hopefully they will implement this at some of their other restaurants if it goes well during this test run at the McDonald's mentioned in the article.

 Post subject: Re: McD's early breakfast
PostPosted: Thu Aug 9, '12, 10:41 am 
It should certainly be a hit with the nocturnal crowd. People who sleep most of the day because they work at night, for instance.

Personally, I never liked the concept of cutting off parts of the menu based on the time of day. It costs them business from people who don't stick to their hours.

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