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PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, '14, 5:15 pm 
Here's something fun to entertain ourselves if only for a little while. On the menu: humor, mystery and a little investigation.

Do you like Clue? Of course you do. Everyone likes Clue. Well, let's play Clue 2014: There are absolutely no dragons in this game!

The setting: you are a guess of Tommy Haynes, a young billionaire who really likes to have a good time. You have been invited to his super-awesome, high-tech, totally cool penthouse which is huge, over several floors and has everything you might dream of: a gym, an interior pool, lounges, heckload of bedrooms, huge kitchen, huge-er movie room, just name it, if it fits in a Penthouse, it's most likely there.

Basically, you're having a good time, dancing, chilling, chatting. The life.

Unfortunately…. MISTER HAYNES WAS JUST MURDERED!! (Dun dun duuuuuuun)

His "official" girlfriend (he has a few unofficial ones) just locked everything electronically; no one leaves until the cops arrive. And while we wait, why don't we try to figure out who killed Mister Haynes?

If you want to play, use this topic to create a persona: Are you a hot chick looking for a date? A college student who happened to know Haynes? The rising star of your football team? An electrician who happened to be there fixing the AC? The janitor? Tommy's mom?? Doesn't matter, use your imagination! I have no problem with people joining after the game started, we'll just open a door and surprise you while you were raiding the fridge!

There are no battles so there are no stats needed. Also, characters with creepy convoluted backgrounds, ultra-traumatizing pasts or grim and dark agendas will be promptly made fun of.

Actions that involve anything but a conversation between two players will have their results dictated by me. Player-to-player conversations however can proceed without my assistance.

It's a party! Well, it was. Have fun!

If at least 2-3 people are interested, I'll start the official game topic shortly.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, '14, 8:09 pm 
Game on!

My name is Bethany Clayton. I'm 36 years old, but my plastic surgeons make sure I don't look a day older than 22. As a kid, I starred in the hit 1990s sitcom, "Collared!" about a washed-up former priest who married a single mom and became a step-parent to 12 crazy kids. I was the vain-but-lovable teen daughter, Mandy. You remember her, right? Great times! Can't say I've found much work over the last, oh, 12 years, but look out, America: I'll be on the next season of Pole Vaulting with the Stars! Oh yeah, I'm back, my lovelies!

I came to Tommy's party because, well, DUH. EVERYONE who is anyone was invited. I just know reporters from all the best celebrity rags will be here. And, uh, the last time the paparazzi stumbled on me, I wasn't... at my best. I NEED to be seen! I just had another tummy tuck! Tommy throws the best parties, so wish me luck, darlings, and check out my blog at! Mwah!

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 20, '14, 2:51 pm 
Ok then, I said that if I had 2-3 players I'd start and I have two so, let's push this forward.

Allow me to introduce the main NPCs in this game. First and foremost, as I said, mister Haynes had three girlfriends? Here they are:

Stacey Donovan is Hayne's "official" girlfriend in the sense that she is the one who appears publicly with him. She is a petite blonde with a body trademarked by a few of Hollywood's best surgeons. Rumors fly left and right but the buzz is that there is not much between them besides their public image. He is (was) the rich playboy, she was the trophy girlfriend who got to be known because of a leaked happy-tape.

Next comes Cindy Hammond, a cute, adorable little redhead. Behind every great man is a woman and though Haynes was arguably all but great, Cindy was definitely behind him. Hayne's close entourage would consider her his "true" girlfriend, his sweetheart, his confidante. This did not please his other two girlfriends. At all.

Finally, meet Molly Haywood, a tall, statuesque and all natural dark blonde gal from Great Britain. Her relationship with Haynes was... physical. To the media, she was one of his staff, no one knew exactly what she did but to the close entourage, there was no doubt: do the words concubine and mistress ring any bell to you? If Stacey held Hayne's wallet and Cindy his heart, Molly held his... You get the point.

Another woman kept following Haynes around but for entirely different reasons. Her name is Jewel, she is asian but no one seems to know from where exactly. Her job was to keep Haynes safe. (Apparently, she failed). Rather lithe and not quite tall, she was known to easily handle men four times her size and weight. If kicking was needed, she never failed to impress. Needless to say that Hayne's untimely demise is not sitting rather well with her.

We also have Monsieur Jacques Roberge, le chef. He`s absolutely and completely French, or so he says. No one likes him, he is obnoxious, annoying, condescending but GOLLY does he make an awesome [whatever].

I'll also introduce Jason Barnes, chief of security for Hayes's office. Jason likes to think that he's cool and pretty and popular. Spoilers: he's not.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 20, '14, 3:52 pm 
For now, nothing. The game has not started yet.

When it does, I'll make it easy. It's not my first game, trust me ;-)

PostPosted: Mon Nov 24, '14, 9:46 pm 
Ha, I already have questions. Should I just dive in and post something, or do you have more to add first?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 24, '14, 10:32 pm 
Post away, it's the player's turn!

PostPosted: Fri Nov 28, '14, 3:03 am 
Oops! I completely forgot that the security chief's name was Jason. I didn't mean for it to sound like my character had been making out with him. Although, it's unintentionally hilarious.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 28, '14, 3:11 am 
Tanith wrote:Oops! I completely forgot that the security chief's name was Jason. I didn't mean for it to sound like my character had been making out with him. Although, it's unintentionally hilarious.

Confession: I ALSO forgot that the security chief was called Jason and I WAS using the NPC you invented.


Confusion will reign. For now, consider that Jason the sec.chief is NOT in the room.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 28, '14, 3:21 am 
Got it. I can always change the name to some other "J" name, if needed.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 28, '14, 11:39 am 
And waste this golden opportunity to create more chaos and confusion?? Absolutely not!

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