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PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, '08, 4:47 am 
i think so, but theres also the slight possibility im sayin maybe a 3-5% higher chance or so that the cloned animal will not have some kinda disease as most out there do.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, '08, 6:07 am 
Tsunami wrote:
SparkyIII wrote:Maybe they're trying to end world hunger?
I don't see the point in cloning though. It's just as effective to, for example, increase the cow population through breeding. Is there something about cloning that's better?

Besides, I'm wary about the possible problems with the cloned animals. If there's something wrong with them, then wouldn't there be a chance that it could effect people?

Good points regarding the cloning process and world hunger, Tsunami! :clap:

Regarding world hunger, I think there really is enough food available, or which could be processed quickly if needed to feed everyone in the world, thereby eliminating world hunger. The only problem I see is just getting the food to all the people. There is so much food that is just thrown away here in the States every day which could be given to someone to eat, but that doesn't happen. It's just wasted. I know there are food deliveries made to hungry countries but I guess there just is not enough sent at one time to feed everyone, or something. And, it doesn't seem like they have much success growing / producing their own foods in most areas. Still, there should be a solution to this somewhere, and I don't think it is found in cloning.

I also don't want to get sick or something from eating cloned food for some unknown reason. I won't eat it, if I know what it is. I don't trust the people that say there is nothing wrong with it. Why just the other day I heard on the news that a pill given people to help with cholesterol has been recalled or something because it doesn't help, and may even hurt. They are just now finding this out. The same, or worse, scenario could happen with cloned foods too, if you think about it. This is an area that needs more study and exploration before it is approved for human consumption.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, '08, 5:54 am 
As far as getting sick from the food, there's always a risk of that with every kind of food. Remember the "mad cow" and e. coli scares from a few years back? That's an example of what I mean. Certainly the food should be fully tested before it goes on sale, but even normal food can have problems not detected during testing.

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