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 Post subject: Classic games remastered
PostPosted: Wed Jun 22, '11, 3:08 am 
Lots of classic games are being remastered, not only the very popular "Zelda: Ocarina Of Time", but other classic games as well. If these do well then perhaps we can expect to see other classic games fall in this category as well. ... ames_n.htm

Comments or Opinions?

PostPosted: Wed Jun 22, '11, 6:46 pm 
I have a mixed opinion about them.

I think it is fine when you pick one classic of the past that you didn't play and play the remastered version, as long as it is just an update and doesn't steer from the original game. Like, for example, I enjoyed a lot playing Lunar Silver Star Harmony because it is basically the same game (so they say) with updated graphics and music.

But probably I'd enjoy the same if I played the PSX version or even the Mega CD one and I wouldn't bother buying it if I had already played one of the other previous versions of the same game though.

Besides that, time spent "remastering" the classics could be used to make a new game. For example, as much as PS Generations may look good, wouldn't it be grand if they had spent the development time to make a new game? I mean, they had to make all the graphics, add lots of dialogue to the storyline and events, implement another battle engine, etc, so they could have made a brand new game, they just needed a new story.

The 3DS remastering makes me even more suspicious because they are remastering a previous N64 hits just to try push the sales of the not-so successful portable console. Wouldn't it be better to spend the time to make a new Zelda, for example? This move makes it look like Nintendo is admitting 3DS is not a revolutionary console, but just a weak console with a gimnick to catch the fools, so they will try to increase its sellings by appealing to the nostalgic feeling "Buy an expensive console just to play your favorite game with a gimnick only this expensive console has". It is sad because 3DS is much more powerful than DS and supports better games that Nintendo could be developing, but they will try to sell it with the same old N64 games that sold DS...

PostPosted: Wed Jun 22, '11, 11:49 pm 
As long as people can be nostalgic or curious, there will be remakes of old games. It's just good business for the game companies to continue making them. There's a whole generation of young gamers who weren't even alive when some of these games, like Ocarina of Time, originally released. A lot of them might be interested in playing this new version simply from lack of access to the original.

I'm less interested in the Ocarina remake than I could be, simply from having it on two systems already - the N64 and GameCube. That Halo remake, on the other hand, is one I'm considering getting. I never played the original, so this might be a good introduction to that series for me.

Quote:The 3DS remastering makes me even more suspicious because they are remastering a previous N64 hits just to try push the sales of the not-so successful portable console.

That's not an accurate characterization of Nintendo's actions in this case. Some of the N64 remakes (maybe all, I'm not sure if they've announced more that I missed) were announced well before the 3DS was released. The system didn't have a measure of sales success at that point. Obviously every game is part of Nintendo's strategy to sell the system, but these particular games aren't coming about because the system wasn't doing as well as might have been expected. They were planned along before that.

One thing I've also noticed with Nintendo and Zelda (and this may only apply there), is that they tend to reuse game engines. Some parts of the original Ocarina engine continued to evident up through Twilight Princess. On the DS, Spirit Tracks reused a lot of Phantom Hourglass' elements. I wouldn't be too surprised if the new Ocarina 3D's improvements also show up in a new Zelda title later.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, '11, 2:31 pm 
Well, if the remakes were planned before 3DS planning, then it just proves I'm right. Why would a sane person release a remake for a new console, obliging the potential buyers to spend $300 to play the remake if they could release it to Wii, that has already 80 million sold consoles? It makes no sense unless they are trying to push 3DS down the throat of Zelda fans by releasing the remake of the most praised Zelda game in the new console.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, '11, 6:29 pm 
The remakes are designed to use features of the 3DS that are not present in the Wii. It's not just adding 3D or new graphics; the menu interfaces are redesigned, the gyro controls are integrated, and stuff like that. Maybe they could have put the remakes on the DS, but obviously they'll be making games to support the system they plan to release. That's something every developer does.

My point, though, was that Nintendo isn't pulling out these remakes just because the 3DS didn't sell as well as they had hoped. The remakes were in the works long before the 3DS went on sale, so the sale numbers of the system had no impact on the decision to make these games as you suggested.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, '11, 3:06 am 
Well, no "new" feature but the 3D is something that couldn't be done aiming Wii or DS. Anyway, remakes seem to be more fit to established systems, not to a new system that suffers from the lack of new games.

Do you have any proof of your statement that the sale numbers had no impact on the decision? If you have, show it, because your without proof your statement is just an opinion.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, '11, 5:00 am 
The system wasn't being sold yet, so sale numbers didn't exist to have an impact. The 3DS wasn't released until this year, but the N64 remakes (Ocarina and Starfox, at least) were announced at E3 last year. These were some of the first 3DS games announced, back when the system was first shown to the press.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, '11, 1:23 pm 
If so, in my eyes, it only makes their strategy worse because the console has been around for a lot of time and since the beginning they were planning only remakes as the big games to the console?

PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, '11, 8:19 am 
I for one love classic game remakes, it gives a good reason to replay a great game, in fact, I just beat Y's I & II Chronicles for PSP tonight, and I loved it, even though its the second version of Y's II I own and the fourth version of Y's I.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, '11, 6:49 pm 
tilinelson2 wrote:since the beginning they were planning only remakes as the big games to the console?

Remakes weren't the only big games planned for the 3DS. The new Kid Icarus stirred up a lot of interest in the system, too. Back when games were first announced at E3 2010, this system had one of the largest and most varied initial list of titles, both first and third party, that I've seen. Here's a list of some initially announced titles on IGN. There are some major names on that list. Some may not appeal to everyone, but it is an impressive range to attract many players. It doesn't include Zelda for some reason, so it's not a complete list, but still a good sampling.

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