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She was coming off of a successful mission against the tyrannical King Lassic and Dark Force, whose reign of terror corresponded with the arrival of a fourth planet in the Algo star system. She rested, and Alis Landale was enjoying herself briefly. Wearing the pink dress she wore during her conflict, she took off her * and took in Myau as a pet. There, for the next three years, she and Myau would prosper as not only master and pet, but close friends. She kept in touch with Odin from Palma, and at the first sign of trouble, Odin was the first she contacted. Together, Odin, Alis, and Myau would find themselves in yet another struggle, this one against terrorists still loyal to the deceased King Lassic. However, they wouldn’t be alone.
From a distant part of space, two women were singing to an excited crowd. They were Luka Megurine, and Meiko Sakine. They had started a duet among controversy surrounding their personal relationship. It was said that the two were seeing each other in their personal lives, and, though this was true, they never confirmed it. Mainly because of homophobia on the part of Teto, who wasn’t even part of the Vocaloid music family, and Neru. This began internal conflict between Luka and Miku which tore the family apart. Though they still kept in touch, and even had a performance scheduled in Houston, Texas, United States, the conflict was present, as Neru became a big name after the departure of Luka and Meiko.
Just days before the scheduled Vocaloid performance, Luka and Meiko were enjoying a night in San Antonio, Texas when Meiko fell down a hole dug in the ground. Scared, Luka began calling for her lover. Meiko never responded. Fearing the worst, Luka procured several ropes, tied them together, with one end to a tree, the other around her waist. She began to repel down the hole with a mini flashlight in her mouth to see where she was going. Eventually, the rope became taught and Luka wasn’t able to repel anymore. Something came over Luka as she untied the rope from her waist. She fell for two whole minutes before she saw a light in the ground. She looked curious and fell right through. She landed on a pile of leaves in an open field with Meiko looking on. “Luka!” Exclaimed Meiko. She began limping to Luka, favoring her right leg. Luka got up barely hurt, though her back had felt better. Her black dress was torn slightly, and her chest decoration was gone. Meiko’s red dress, being leather, was almost unscathed. It has grass stains, but otherwise remained unchanged. Her red choker, however, came off during the fall, and was not found.
Limping into Luka’s arms, Meiko’s eyes began watering, her not knowing where she was. “Where are we?” She asked. “I have no idea.” Luka responded. Luka laid Meiko down to rest while she went to gather some information. About an hour later, she found a town to the north-west of them. She went to some locals and asked where they were, and she was astonished when they said “Camineet.” Luka was a fan of the original “Phantasy Star” series of games for the Sega Master System and had no idea that Palma had even existed. She just thought it was some location within the minds of some twisted guys at Sega. Luka looked worried as her imagination began to run wild. Was this BEFORE the fight against Lassic? Was Dark Force still around? How long until Gaira came and destroyed Palma? Where was Alis? Would she be able to get Alis’ autograph? Was Double Lariat the best song she’s ever written, or what? Would the Youtube community ever stop making her out to be a prostitute? The local asked where she was from and Luka responded “Earth.” The local took her to the weapon shop and purchased a sword for her saying “You Earthlings will need this.” She thanked the man and began back towards Meiko.
She found Meiko asleep in the field that she was left at, causing Luka to smile. “Meiko,” she said to herself. “You’re so adoreable.” Putting the sword in the sheathe provided, she went to wake up Meiko, but she was interrupted by a man in green armor, and a woman in a white robe. She felt that both were enemies, and got ready for battle. “Hold, milady.” The man in green said. “We are not here for conflict!” His red hair stood over a head piece and he eased his was towards Luka. “Lower thy sword, milady!” She didn’t, taking a stance to protect Meiko. “You talk funny, who the hell are you?” She asked. “I am called Glynn of Cannock, and this my cousin, Roz of Lorisa.”
“Are you not from Alefgard?”
“What’s an Alefgard?”
All the while, the confusion caused Meiko to awaken. She saw what was happening, and hid behind Luka. “Luka, who are those two?” She asked. “I don’t know, but just stay behind me.” Roz, in her white robe, and purple hood, holding a staff, began walking slowly towards Luka and Meiko.
“Lower thy weapon, Lady. We shant hurt thee.”
Sensing that Roz was possibly telling the truth, Luka sheathed her sword. “I thank thee, kind lady.” Roz said.
During the next two hours, they began talking to each other, Luka and Meiko finding out that Glynn and Roz were from the land of Alefgard, Roz the victim of an assault on her home of Moonbrooke, taking up residence in Lorisa alongside her King of a cousin. Glynn the prince of Cannock castle, both were descendants of a great warrior they called Roto. Roz looked perplexed to know that they were now on another planet. She thought they were responding to a distress call in Liftwynn, and they find themselves on the Planet Palma. Luka explained to them the events of “Phantasy Star” and “Phantasy Star II” saying that this planet was doomed. Meiko couldn’t help but laugh. “Why art thou laughing, Lady Meiko?” Glynn asked.
“That’s a video game!” She said, still laughing.
“Hey Meiko.” Luka interjected. She grabbed Meiko’s head and turned it so she was looking towards Camineet. “That’s Camineet. Shall I prove it?”
“This I got to see!” Meiko said.
“Glynn, Roz, will you join us? Meiko is hurt, and I’m not combat ready.”
“We shall be delighted.” Glynn said. The four travelled at a slow pace so Luka, who had Meiko propped up in her shoulder, could keep up without hurting Meiko further.
Along the way, they saw two more women, both in combat against what looked to be mermen. One was recognized by Luka as Alis, the other was a mystery. She had black hair, and wore a red jacket with a red miniskirt, black gloves, and a red headband. Meiko recognized her. “BLAZE!!!” She yelled. Blaze Fielding looked at the party of four for a brief second and smiled. She looked back at the eight mermen looking to kill her and Alis. Roz took Meiko while Glynn looked at Luka. “Art thou ready to enhance thy fighting skills?” He asked her, drawing his spear and shield. Luka drew her sword, her heart pounding. “I…….. I guess.” She hesitated. The fight began with Alis and Blaze holding their own, however from behind Luka and Glynn began aiding the outnumbered women. The fight took a whole twenty seconds, Alis and Blaze were unhurt. “Thanks, Luka.” Blaze said. “How…?” Luka asked confused.
“Meiko is a friend, and told me all about you.”
Luka looked stunned, and even more so when Alis Landale herself went up to her to personally thank her. “Thanks, ma’am.” She began in her soft voice. Luka was speechless. This was THE Alis Landale, and she was talking to Luka. All the while, while Luka was trying to say “Hi, Alis,” Blaze was talking to Glynn. “You’re funny.” Alis giggled.
The party travelled back to Camineet and rested at Alis’ residence. After introductions, Alis explained that Dark Force had been defeated already, but a war was looming in the distance. She felt that those still loyal to Lassic were about to attack, and she was in talks with Odin to begin a defense of Palma. “I came to help,” Blaze began, “but we’re finding that too many people are missing with another space port being built to the distant north.”
“Thou art suggesting these personages might be attacking from the sky?” Glynn asked. "And that these missing persons might be allies with the Lassic Supporters?"
“Exactly, Mr. Thou.” Blaze responded. “I tried getting Axel here, however, he…” She began tearing. “He…”
“I’m sorry, Blaze.” Luka said.
“Those damned Lassic jerks are going to feel my wrath!” Blaze said angrily.
“For what it’s worth, I’m here for the same reason.” Another female said. This one was younger, had blonde hair, green eyes, a green body suit with a white cape, wearing blue boots, and a blue headband with blue wrist bands. “Celes…” Alis began. “Save it Alis. I appreciate your support, but I’m here to avenge Locke.” Then a little girl came walking from out of the shadows. “Mommy, can I play with the kitty?” She asked. Alis nodded in approval, and Celes looked at her daughter “Go ahead, dear.” She said. “Is that your daughter?” Luka asked.
“Yup, she’s the only child Locke and I had.”
“What’s her name?”
“She’s adorable.”
“Thanks. She says she wants to be a knight.”
“I’ll bet she’ll make an amazing knight. She’s got it in her eyes. Has she started training yet?”
“Yes, I’ve been training her.”
“Umm…” Luka looked concerned and perplexed.
“I’m a former general from Magitek in Vector. A knight.”
“Oh, okay.”
Planning continued with the seven complete strangers. Glynn and Roz from Alefgard, Alis Landale from Camineet, Palma, Blaze Fielding from New York City, New York, Celes Chere from Vector, Meiko Sakine and Luka Megurine from Osaka, Japan all began talking about what was going to happen, of course, Luka and Alis had the most knowledge. Alis began to think Luka was a prophet of some kind. It was set, they would mount a defense in space. If they had to, the battle field would be Motavia, a desert planet where very few would be injured or killed.
Meiko was having second thoughts about this. She didn’t agree to anything, and was a delicate flower. Hell, her leg was hurt during a fall where she landed on something soft. She was unarmed and didn’t know how to fight. Her look went from excitement to concern. She stood outside gazing at the sunset when she was joined by Luka. The two cuddled in the warm sunset and Luka whispered into Meiko’s ear. “I love you, princess.” Meiko closed her eyes, and wanted to speak up, but she also wanted to fight to protect Luka. She knew Luka was going to fight. Luka was a fan of Alis, why wouldn’t she? Meiko and Luka shared a kiss and Meiko asked Luka to help her. She didn’t know how to fight. “I would, my dear, however, neither do I.” Luka responded.
In the front yard of Alis’ residence, Alis and Celes were practicing their sword play while Blaze was fighting Roz and Glynn. She was holding her own rather well. Glynn was surprised to see such moves from an unarmed individual. As they slowed down, Glynn had to ask. “Lady Blaze, what manner of combat hast thou developed?”
“I didn’t develop a damned thing.” She responded.
“You’re beating Roz and myself in two-on-one combat. And we helped beat a giant dragon, Malroth by name.”
“It’s called Judo. It’s a martial art form. I’m small so I have to defend myself.”
Meanwhile, on the other side, Alis and Celes were practicing their swordswomanship. “You claim you can absorb magic?” Alis asked locked up with her opponent. “That I can.” She backed up and a light began surrounding her sword. A flash of light and a strong wind began surrounding Alis as she cast a spell to test Celes. She cast the spell Foi, a fire based spell. The fireball went into Celes’ sword and gave Celes more power. Alis was impressed. “That can be useful.” She said. “What’s the ability?” Celes responded “It’s my runic blade. I’ll draw any magic to me and absorb it into my blade.”
Alis found Luka and Meiko sharing the sunset together and smiled. She quickly realized, however, that Luka needs to stay alive. And for the sake of Luka’s emotions, so too did Meiko. “Get over here, you love birds!” She exclaimed. Luka responded drawing her sword locking up with Celes. Celes defeated Luka in about three seconds. “You’ve got a lot to learn.” Celes said helping Luka up. “My first fight ever was against some mermen earlier today.” “And you did well.” Alis interjected. “I’m sure Blaze would agree, wouldn’t you, Blaze?” She asked a pre-occupied Blaze.
As training ended, Beatrix walked out with Myau in her arms. She walked up to Celes and said “Hey mommy! I taught the cat a new trick! He can talk!” She said. “Let’s hear it.” Celes said “What’s your name, kitty cat?” Beatrix asked. “I am not a cat,” Myau began. “I am Myau, a Musk. Although must say, Celes, I love your daughter.”
“Go play with the little girl like a good kitty, Myau.” Alis said.
“Ha ha, Alis. See if I ever open any jars for YOU again.”
“You don’t have any thumbs!” She yelled as Beatrix was walking away with Myau in her arms.
“Don’t remind me!” He responded.
The group enjoyed a nice meal, finding out that Alis was one hell of a cook. She cooked a stew that was immensely popular with the group. Afterwards, they relaxed for the rest of the night, turning in when the dark of the night approached.
Meiko was sleeping on Luka’s chest using her right * as a pillow, her arm draped across Luka’s belly when a sudden and sharp pain shot across her hurt leg, waking her up. She held in the urge to scream, but in doing so began to cry. A tear woke Luka up and she began to examine Luka’s leg. She ran into Alis’ bedroom where she and Celes slept. Both were awoken by the frantic Luka. “I need a hospital! Meiko needs medical attention!” She exclaimed. Alis got up put on her tights and a yellow shirt. “The hospital is just south by fifty yards! What’s wrong?”
“Meiko hurt her leg when we fell here from San Antonio.”
“The doctor should be available.”
Luka carried Meiko to the hospital where she was admitted for her leg pain. While sitting bedside, Luka could overlook the Camineet spaceport and the explosion that came from there. She drew her sword, kissed Meiko on the forehead and ran out. She met Glynn already there investigating. Alis and Blaze joined shortly afterwards, with Celes and Myau trailing behind.
“What manner of destruction is this?” Glynn asked.
“Oh great.” Alis sarcastically began. “They destroyed the spaceport!” From out of nowhere a group of individuals ran into the light and shouted “MURDERER!” Alis knew they were talking about her. Glynn looked at the group of fighters they were going to face off against, then looked to Luka “Well, milady. It gets tough here. Retreat back to Lady Meiko, we shall take it from here.” “Oh, no.” Luka responded. “I’m here to the end.”
“Thou art brave, Lady Luka.”
The fight began with Alis and Celes putting the group of six strong that attacked them to rout, while Luka found herself stumbling against two. She locked up with one, and the other grabbed her from behind. She was restrained and while the other combatant lifted his laser sword up to slash at Luka, a burly man killed the individual from behind. Roz showed up and casted an infernos spell to severely injure the combatant holding Luka. Glynn had little issue holding off the ten combatants he faced off against with his magic until Blaze rescued him. Over all, of the eighteen individuals that attacked Alis and company, four were killed, ten injured, thirteen escaped, and one was captured by that burly man. “Well Alis,” he began, “fancy meeting you here.” She smiled and blushed. “Thanks Odin.” She responded.
Luka’s eyes began to water, and she collapsed to her knees. “You’ll only get better.” Celes said comforting Luka. “This was a good squad to practice. Just take what lessons you learned tonight and let them help you.” “Like what?” Luka asked. “Don’t leave your rear flank open.”
Glynn, Odin and Alis were looking at the wreckage of the Camineet Spaceport, looking for survivors. They found very few, soon it went from looking to survivors to body recovery. Celes was teaching Luka how to use a sword and some techniques she could use during combat and even offered a spare shield. The grateful Luka accepted. All the while three hours after the fight it was determined that of the three hundred or so souls that were at the spaceport, only fifty survived the attack. “It’s begun already, Odin.” Alis said. “I see that. Who are your friends?” He whispered.
“First, yes they offered to help.”
“Good, that’ll make things easier.”
“Second, the one in black is Luka Megurine, the one in green training her is Celes Chere-Cole, our partner is Glynn of Cannock, the one who got you is…”
“Roz of Lorisa, I know. She informed me right after the explosion.”
“Third, the one in red is Blaze Fielding, and there’s one injured in the hospital. Meiko Sakine, Luka’s lover.”
“There’s nothing else we can do until sun-up. Let’s get some rest and prepare for one hell of a war.” Odin suggested.
Luka went back to the hospital and spent the rest of the night by Meiko’s side, Mayu, and Alis stayed behind to patrol Camineet from any other attacks, Odin interrogated the prisoner, while everybody else went back to Alis’ house to sleep.
As the sun rose, the group met at the destroyed spaceport with Luka and Meiko trailing behind, Meiko’s leg now in a cast. “Are you okay?” Alis asked Meiko. “Yah, fractured tibia,” Meiko responded. “Could have been worse, but still hurts.”
“So here’s the issue.” Alis began. “Last night we were attacked by Lassic supporters. This could be the beginning of the war I was so afraid of. It turns out…”
“Why not start at the beginning.” Celes suggested. “Who is this Lassic, and why are we dealing with supporters for a dead king?”
“Forgive me Celes. Lassic was the King of Palma for many many years. However, when Rykros’ orbit came to within view, things began to falter. Suddenly, monsters arrived, and Lassic began to act erratically. My brother began a revolt against Lassic thinking that he was just turning into a tyrannical King suddenly. That revolt was led by Odin, the man that helped us last night. However, during a spy attempt, my brother was caught and killed. I began a quest to avenge my brother, and sought Odin’s help. Along the way, I met my Musk Cat, Myau, and Noah, a Lutz. We began looking to kill Lassic for what he was doing to Palma, but we realized there was something more at hand. A seal on a dark evil was fading, and we found that it wasn’t just revenge that we were after. The black hole known as Dark Force had taken King Lassic, so we had to kill him. Eventually, Odin, Myau, Noah and I faced off against Dark Force. Though we defeated it, we soon realized that not all Palmans, or Motavians were open to the fact that we killed our King. We also found out that when Rykros becomes visible, Dark Force is present, though that is irrelevant, as Rykros’ orbit is 1,000 years. Noah and I had come under attack while traversing the galaxy by forces still loyal to Lassic. We ended up on a planet known as Neudiaz. During that time, I was involved in a romantic relationship with one known as a GUARDIAN and had a child. To protect my child, I left him at the GUARDIAN’S colony and came back with Noah. When I got back, I realized that Lassic supporters had begun terrorizing Palma and Motavia. I called my husband for help, when we found that they had spread to Gurhal. During my attempt to go back to my husband and child, we were attacked again. My husband told me, though, that several Lassic supporters relocated to Moatoob when several of them were caught and relayed their plans. There was an elaborate plot to destroy Algo by taking over the GUARDIANS Colony in Gurhal, however, they underestimated the GUARDIANS. When they failed there, they went to the Alliance Military and attacked there, while my husband and child were there. My husband, being the amazing father he is, protected our son, and reported back to me that the attack on Gurhal had been squashed. However, he told me that he was needed in Gurhal to quell another uprising, one involving SEED. He sent us an investigator, a CAST, as he called it, known as Lucaim Nav. Nav reported that there was considerable evidence that the Gurhal attack was just plan A, and that Lassic supporters had a plan B, and it involved raining destruction from the sky above. We reached to Gurhal again asking for help, but their assault on SEED had been a failure, so they had to regroup. We were alone. Odin, Myau, and I had determined that we were going to protect Palma with our lives, even if we were alone. We found that one attack had hit a generator keeping a shield up, shortly afterwards you showed up.”
“So the portals that brought us here were when the shield failed?” Celes asked,
“Most likely. We’ve been trying to put it back up, but then we heard that Lassic Supporters had spread to Earth. We don’t know what’s going on there, but we were able to begin an army. We sent a squad to Earth, and at last report, three weeks ago, no conflict had begun. We decided to keep the shield down so we can send help as needed.”
“We’ve been researching Earth for some time now to figure out who to ask for help, as they are now involved. However, the American President and Edgar Von Figaro haven’t been co-operating.” Odin interjected.
“DAMNIT, EDGAR!” Celes yelled.
“So what numbers are we combating?” Roz asked.
“We have about 20,000 units on our side compared to about 10,000 Lassic supporters. However, they’ve been sporadically attacking using stealth as a weapon. It’s impossible to defend three planets with only 20,000 units with no clear pattern.”
“Shall we be able to find another port of aerial types?” Glynn asked.
“If they haven’t already destroyed it, yes. However, is seems as if they’ve taken the Paseo spaceport. They began building one, but when we last checked, it wasn’t done.”
"When was this port last checked?" Celes asked.
"About two weeks ago."
"How close to done was it?"
"About two thirds, and they've been building it for a year now."
“So we’re stealing a spaceport, eh?” Blaze asked excitedly, ramming her right fist into her left palm.
“Basically, that may be what we have to do.” Alis responded.
“Let’s look at the wreckage here, and see if we can find anything usable.” Myau suggested. “If we’re trying to steal a spaceport, or even a spaceship, there’s going to be trouble.”
“Luka, don’t get involved. I don’t want to lose you.” Meiko begged.
“Sorry, Meiko. I have to. Now we know Earth is involved, I’m staying to protect Earth. Plus we don’t know how to get home.”
“Don’t play a heroine, Luka! This isn’t a video game!”
“I know that. I’m still staying. When you get back to Earth, tell Neru that she can suck eggs.”
“If you’re staying, I am too.” Meiko said, taking a nervous sigh.
Blaze then walked over to Celes and asked “So what are you going to do with Beatrix?” “Bring her with us.” Celes said. Blaze was astonished.
“How old is she?”
“And you’re bringing your seven year old knight in TRAINING?”
“Yup. She handles a sword really well.”
“Aren’t you afraid of what could happen?”
“Of course, I’m petrified. I don’t want to lose my daughter, and only child, however, there’s no place safe for her other than with me.”
“And you’re going to let her fight?”
“Blaze, gang warfare is nothing like outright warfare. There’s more that can go wrong. I don’t want her to pick up a sword, but if she has to, then she has to. Lots can happen, innocent people die in war. Men, women, and children. I want the best for Beatrix, but in this case there’s nowhere she can go to hide.”
“You know this… How? Were you ever in a war?”
“Uhh… Yeah. That’s how I met Locke.”
“Oh… I’m sorry.”
Blaze crossed her arms on her shoulders, closed her eyes, and murmured to herself. “Axel… Protect me… I’m scared.”
As the group was finished salvaging supplies, they began their trek over the sea to steal a spaceport in building. Them alone, leaving any forces to protect Camineet and Parolit. Meiko tagged along despite her wounded leg, against the wishes of Luka. Now the question was how to get there. And more importantly, what kind of resistance to expect.
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