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PostPosted: Tue Jul 13, '10, 8:55 pm 
Brigit shrieked as CJ disappeared in front of her eyes. She peered through the hole in the wall and could barely make out that CJ was moments away from falling off a ledge. Bo immediately flew through the hole and nosedived towards CJ, letting his body become a flash of blinding light. He engulfed CJ and himself in the light and use FLY to bring the two to a safe area on a cliff, but the bird's magic couldn't take them up higher. He had no real sense of the cave, therefore his magic was limited.

"CJ!" Brigit called out. "Hold on, I'll get you back up!" She ran off into her cave to look for some rope or wire and something to secure it.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, '10, 7:21 pm 
(Sorry for not posting earlier- I'm in the midst of a move and borrowing my friend's computer! In the near future, I might actually introduce a new character for which Atlin will kill me. =p)

Shalelu woke up from her nap due to a brief, surprised scream. As she sat up, stretching, she could hear Brigit shouting, something about "getting you back up!"

Closing her eyes, she concentrated. Now, she thought, is not the time for the ditzy girl. Stay focused.

Red light surrounded her, starting at her feet, before flowing into her arms and legs. "Shift," she whispered, then winced as her muscles contracted involuntarily. When they relaxed, Shalelu felt stronger.

"Brigit! I got some Shift for you!" she shouted.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 15, '10, 12:52 am 
OOC: Just a quick post, I'll join back up on this when I get home.. Can't do to much on my PS3 at the current time.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, '10, 4:58 am 
Charlie sat on the ledge, looking at his owl companion. "This is just great, not to mention my axe is still stuck in the wall." Charlie began thinking, tapping his finger on his knee. Looking at his hand, he had an idea.

Extending his claws, he punched the wall behind him to see if it would stick. While it was suicide if he messed up, he just couldn't give up his axe. So he jumped to the opposite wall, falling about two feet below his axe, where he stuck hanging.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, '10, 7:29 am 
Brigit turned around with cable and harness in hand and tossed Shalelu one end of the cable, uncoiling it as it whirred through the air. "Good," she told Shalelu. "We'll need your Shift to pull CJ out of the hole!" Brigit quickly snapped an attachment to her vulcan and aimed at the wall near the hole, embedding a strong anchor into the rock. She looped her end of the cable through the anchor and secured it tightly, tossing the rest of the cable with the harness down the hole.

She looked through the opening, but only saw Bo. "Hey, where's CJ? Is he OK, Bo?"

Bo looked nervously at CJ dangling from the cliff wall. "He's, uh... hanging in there..."

Brigit rolled her eyes and told the owl, "Take that harness down to CJ. Try to strap it to him!"

Bo grabbed the dangling harness in his beak and flew it over to CJ. For a bird he was quite skilled with his beak and talons, and in no time had the harness around CJ.

"Let us know when to pull!" Brigit shouted down to CJ.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, '10, 8:11 am 
A little startled, CJ felt for the first time teamwork. It was nice for once, he was always doing things on his own. But he soon snapped out of it, he was born a loner, destined to be alone. That was what fate had in store for him. Pulling his fist out of the wall, he brought it up and stabbed it into the wall, making sure he was secure, he removed his other hand, throwing it above him.

Reaching for the axe, he started to wiggle it free. "Just a little more," he said as he got it loose. He lost his footing and was hanging by his claw, his wrist feeling like it was about to break. "GAAAAHHHHH!!!" He screamed out in pain as he gripped onto his axe.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, '10, 10:39 pm 
Brigit, with Shalelu's help, started pulling the cable, feeling it slowly inch along as she pulled.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, '10, 10:44 pm 
CJ began to get pulled along a little bit at a time. He could feel his wrist swelling. The pain was immense. He already knew he must have broken his wrist. He sighed. Looking around as he got pulled up, he noticed a small ledge. He maneuvered himself around it and noticed the wall had a simple on it. "Hold on a second," he yelled out as he stood on the ledge.

Thinking back to his lessens, he put his hand on the wall. He didn't kow what else to do, so he said the same thing he did that led him into this mess. IT worked, revealing a small room that had various books, gadgets and what not. "There's another room down here," CJ yelled up, "Did you know this was here?"

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 31, '10, 5:05 pm 
OOC: Been awhile but I'm back (somewhat) and ready to get this thing back on track from my end.

Celeith and Trey traversed down the dark damp cavern. Being recently seperated from the others took a toll on the two, as the cavern seemed to be full of dangers. "Hyahhh!" Celeith screamed as she kicked a monster off the ledge and into the rapids below. She swiped the blood from her sword and followed on behind Trey.

"They just keep coming? Why does Miakis live in a place like this?" she asked her friend. Trey turned his head slightly as he came to a stop and looked behind him. He placed his hand on his dagger and pointed it towards Celeith.

"Wha.. wha... what are you doing?" she asked with fear in her voice. Why was her friend pointing a weapon at her? Was the cavern getting to him? He threw the dagger.. "AHHHH" she screamed as she ducked to dodge the blade.

The sound of a monster screeching was heard behind her, a loud clunk on the ground was felt. She looked behind her to notice the beast, Trey walked behind her and pulled his dagger out of the beasts head. "Don't focus on the task we're doing, just focus on the area we're in or we're done for." he replied.

Celeith stood to her feet and shook the fear from her body. She wasn't use to dark damp caves, or even constant battles even. The battle with the androids was her first test. She placed her hand on the crescent shaped pendant and thought for a moment. "If I'm in trouble will you appear again?" she wondered to herself.

Time passed and what seemed like countless monsters fell one after another. Eventually the two came to a dead end. "What? Theres nothing here but a bunch of rocks." She replied as Trey walked towards the large rock formation. She thought for a minute as Trey placed his hand up to his ear and began to talk to himself.

"Brigit, can you hear me? We're at the gates first switch. When you arrive we have to press these things at exact the same time or the cave will collapse in on itself."

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 31, '10, 5:57 pm 
"Another room?" Brigit called down to CJ. "No, I didn't even know the cave opened to where you're dangling right now. What's in there?"

Suddenly Brigit heard Trey's message over the communicator. "Wait, Trey," she told him. "CJ fell through a mysterious cave opening and now Shalelu and I are trying to bring him back to safety. He's just found something, though."

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