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PostPosted: Fri May 7, '10, 4:57 am 
"'Lazy Daze'?" Brigit pondered, reading back a shop sign that caught her attention. "What kind of a shop- oh hey!" she stopped herself as she caught a glimpse of old radios and various small electronics in the store's front window.

Perfect! she thought to herself as she pushed her shades out of her face and back on top of her heard. I hope they don't mind me coming so late in the day. Stupid sandworms slowed me down getting here.

She pushed open the door and stepped into the small shop. Radios, transmitters, visiphones, modulators, monitors, and other communication and entertainment devices filled the shelves and cluttered the counters. Brigit's face lit up with delight at seeing so many electronics all in one place that wasn't an old wreck or her secret stash on Uzo. Apparently she had been staring a little too long at all the shop had in it, as the man behind the counter cleared his throat to get her attention.

She snapped out of her electronic stupor and walked up to the main counter.

"Hi there. Do you have any listening devices that play wavechips from about the 13th century?" she asked, setting the bag of music chips in front of the clerk.

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PostPosted: Fri May 7, '10, 5:49 am 
She wished she had more money.

Shalelu rummaged through the small rucksack she wore, inspecting the purchase that cost her her last fifty Meseta: A beaten-up deck of fortune telling cards. "Maybe I can learn how to tell fortunes," she said half to herself as she put the cards back into her sack. "What else do I have... hot dog place menu... some socks... hmm! This thingie!"

"This thingie" was a collection of circuit boards, wires, and microchips, the very purpose of which eluded Shalelu. She vaguely remembered picking it up at the Hunters' Guild office back in Aiedo. As she looked at it, she heard the voice of the Guild's master in her mind: "There's an electronics store in Neo Paseo that's been waiting on this for a few days now. Could you go drop it off?"

There was an address card attached to one of the main boards, which Shalelu read. "And that's... 'Lazy Daze,' right by... oh! I know where that is!" she blurted. Closing and picking up the rucksack, she told herself, "Master Ashleigh's gonna be so proud!"

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PostPosted: Fri May 7, '10, 8:58 am 
Jakob looked at his customer. She seemed rather young, not to mention he thought that she probably had some weird tastes. He found that strangely attractive. He let out a smile as he opened the bag looked inside. Technology he'd never seen before was there. Mind you, he did have something in the back which might fit.

"Well," Jakob said as he examined a chip labeled Classic Symphonies 36-G, not exactly sure about the the whole playing wavechips. But I might have something in the back, mind you it isn't for sale. But since you peeked my interest, I suppose I could show you. Just give me a moment and I'll see what I got."

Jakob turned around and went into the back room. He looked around the mess of wires in his workshop and saw his box of antiques. Digging through, he grabbed what appeared to be an undersized shield with various buttons and slots. He then grabbed a gray box with holes that seemed to go with it. After he was satisfied he had all the pieces he returned up to the front, placing the shield on the counter and connected a wire from the gray box into the shield.

"No guarantee it will work as I haven't tried this out before, but it's one of my pieces of equipment I've been meaning to solve," Jakob said giving a relaxed smile that suited him much too well.

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PostPosted: Fri May 7, '10, 2:21 pm 
Brigit gasped. "A wavetech acoustimodulator with an intact amplifier!" she squealed. "I haven't seen one of these in over a hundred..." she quickly stopped herself before revealing too much information, "...months! A hundred months, yep." she nodded nervously. "That's like, 8.33 years, isn't it?"

Shut up! she silently scolded herself. No one counts that long of a time in months! No one says "8.33" years! She began to nervously rub the keytube hole on the back of her neck, just under her collar.

"Yeah, I haven't seen one of these since I was a kid," she tried to recover, still rubbing her neck. "They're made out of titanium; not quite as strong as laconia, but this one's probably over a thousand years old. That's really something, huh? You work on these things?" She began to fidget with the modulator without consulting the shop owner. Her hands worked quickly, just about as fever pitched as her fast and excited chatting. "As long as the fusion core is in one piece it should be good to go... let's see.." she opened up a panel and peered at a metal coil, tapping it with her finger. "Ah, looks great!"

She quickly closed the modulator and set it down on the counter. She hit a sequence of buttons and the device hummed to life. "Let's test this thing, shall we?" She rummaged through the bag of chips. "Who do you like? 'Ustvestia'?" she asked, reading the microscopic font on top of a chip. "This one has some interesting song titles... 'Bracky News,' heh... weird! 'Death Place,' hmm, sounds serious," she commented as she inserted the chip vertically into a small slot and hit an arrow-shaped button. Strange music filled the shop, pouring out from the amplifier.

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PostPosted: Fri May 7, '10, 9:36 pm 
Jakob couldn't help but laugh. He wasn't sure if she was a genius or just some electronic junkie. He closed his eyes as he listened to the strange music, allowing himself to become one with the sound. However, something didn't seem right in the music. Almost like there was a hidden message in it.

With his eyes closed, he really began to listen to it, slowly understanding the hidden words. His eyes snapped open as he realized what the message was. It freaked him right out, and he is usually the type not to work himself over things like this. He didn't want the girl in front of him to know, so he simply stood there, listening to the music for more clues, as he waited for the girl in front of him to do something.

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PostPosted: Sat May 8, '10, 1:59 am 
Brigit noticed the shopkeeper listening very seriously to the music. It was a lively song, but his facial expression didn't match the tune at all. She wondered if he was annoyed with her; Brigit had a habit of getting overzealous about electronics. The shopkeeper had been very patient with her so far. What a nice guy, she thought, and he understands technology! But... what made him get into radios, anyway, and what's that serial number for? she wondered, eyeing his tattoo.

Suddenly she felt embarrassed that she was taking up his time with silly music.

"You know," she said to him, talking over the music, "I really shouldn't waste any more of your time." She looked at the pile of rummaged-through chips and laughed a little at herself. What was she going to do with a bunch of chips she had no ability to play?

"Why don't you keep the chips?" she gestured towards the pile. "They need a good home, and your shop is perfect." She smiled at him while she adjusted the massive vulcan slung over her back and headed towards the door. "I should get going..."

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PostPosted: Sat May 8, '10, 5:53 am 
Jakob looked at the bag, upon which there seemed to be well over 50 chips. He glanced toward the young woman who was leaving his shop, "I should get going..." she said as she made her way towards the door. Jakob closed his eyes and sighed.

"Sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. It's just that," Why am I telling her this? "I decoded a message while listening to it. It's not exactly what I expected to be honest."

He sighed as the music stopped, resetting back to the song that just played, the music began to play. "A battle shall occur. A great war began. During the year of the Rappy happiness shall end. Only a hero, who's soul is pure, shall vanquish the evil. Now gather your forces without delay. The prophet has spoken, Jakob Daze." Jakob looked down at the player, which switched songs.

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PostPosted: Sat May 8, '10, 10:59 am 
OOC: Don't know if Rick is reading this, but he'll like that I actually acknowledge The Resistance in this post. :wink:

Brigit's hand hovered over the door handle as she stood astonished at what she had just heard. It can't be, she thought. She turned back to the shop owner. She could no longer keep her thoughts to herself, and began thinking aloud. It helped "de-clutter" her mind.

"How did you..." she paused, "But... those things are so... old. Is it possible you know Bahman Encryption?" Brigit scratched her head. "I don't think it's possible! But there it is!" She looked directly at the shopkeeper. "During The Resistance of more than a thousand years ago, rebels sent encrypted messages on some of these chips--called 'Bahman Encryption'--to relay important information in secret. Only a highly trained ear can decrypt the messages, though. You did it and you've never seen this technology before! Your message is peculiar, though. So ominous and vague! Not anything like, 'We need more troops at such-and-such place.' And who is Jakob Daze? Wait... this shop is called..."

She put her index finger to her lips and pondered everything that had just happened.

What the hey, might as well make introductions!

She walked briskly up to the counter and held out her hand.

"Brigit's the name," she said. "I'm a treasure seeker, self-proclaimed mechanic and engineer, sharpshooter, and just about anything else I feel like being," she winked. "You must be Mr. Daze?"

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PostPosted: Sat May 8, '10, 7:29 pm 
"So thats what happened?" Celeith replied as she placed a cup of warm tea down on the table. The cascade haired youth placed his hand around the cup, taking a slow sip of the warm tea as Celeith sat down.

It had been about six months since Trey returned to Paseo. He had so much to tell her, and she enjoyed every bit of time she had with her friend. "Yea, I'm going to be in town for a few months so I thought I'd get a room here." he said in a low voice.

"Don't worry about paying, you know you're welcome here anytime. Stay as long as you like." she replied. Celeith walked down to the main part of her home, placing the Closed sign back to Open. "So, why has the guildmaster placed you in Paseo? Is it some big job?" she asked.

"Something like that.. Apparently the governor of Paseo petitioned the guildmaster to assign a branch here. And it looks like I'm in charge of it." he replied. Celieth glanced over her shoulder as Trey spoke those words, her eyes widened with excitement. "So you're going to be staying here for a long time huh?" she asked.

With a slight nod of his head and a gentle smile he picked up a broom that was laying nearby. "Yep, it looks that way.. Seeing as I'm the new hunters guildmaster of Paseo." he replied.. "Looks like you're going to get alot of business Celeith." he said with a slight chuckle.

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PostPosted: Sat May 8, '10, 8:54 pm 
"Well, yeah. You got that right. I'm Jakob Daze, genius by birth. Both cursed and blessed." After shaking her hand, Jakob walked out from behind the counter to the door, flipping the 'Open' to 'Closed' so nobody would interrupt them. He casually walked over to a corner where he kept a few stools and pulled two out.

"Care to take a seat?" He said as he sat them by the counter, setting himself on top of one.

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