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PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, '07, 4:18 am 
Just read an interesting article about the actor Christian Bale (Batman Begins, etc.) who appears to be in serious talks on playing the role of John Conner in the new Terminator movie. My first instinct was to list the title of this thread as "Batman playing Terminator", lol. So, what do you think about this possible news?

Here's the link to read more: ... 4?gt1=7701

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, '07, 4:41 am 
I could see him taking on that role. He's certainly establishing a pattern of going for action and war related movies, so this seems like it might be something right up his alley.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 1, '08, 4:13 am 
Did you know that actor Christian Bale made his acting debut in 1983 in a commercial for pac-man cereal? It's true.

He has had a very long and interesting career so far, and seems like more to come in the future.

Also, I think I read that a relative of his (maybe a grandfather) was a stand-in for John Wayne sometimes in the movies.


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