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PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, '10, 11:12 am 
After you defeat Neifirst, Climatrol starts exploding. Rolf is obviously worried enough by the explosions that he teleports everyone back to Paseo. Then you visit Central Tower, find out the world is about to flood due to the now-released pent up energy pouring the rainwater supply into the lake (the science of this is really iffy, but I digress). After that, though, what happens to Climatrol? You can visit it after you've completed the Biomonster arc of PSII and it looks just like it did before you kicked Neifirst's butt. Does that mean it eventually goes back to normal operations? What about after all the dams are opened? Are the people of Motavia still experiencing abnormal weather patterns (abnormal, as in not-the-usual-fake-weather)?

PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, '10, 1:36 pm 
I think Climatrol is gone for good, though its building is still there, so you are able to visit it.
PSII is focused on showing that the Motherbrain made the society degenerate, not willing to work and completely passive to the control of Motherbrain. Destroying everything that is part of the system is needed for the society to rebuild, so I think Climatrol is gone.
That would also explain why Motavia has lots of deserts in PS4, closer to what it used to be in PSI.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, '10, 2:09 pm 
Do you think it's gone for good immediately after Neifirst is killed, or does it take destroying Mother Brain for it to fail? Or, is it still functioning to some capacity even after MB is no more? I'm mostly wondering, though, in the time between Neifirst and defeating Mother Brain, is Climatrol functioning, or is Motavia already reverting back to its hot, arid climate?

It looks like it's functioning in the game after Neifirst (the lake pump is at least working), but that could be game memory limitations.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, '10, 3:54 pm 
Climacontrol was just the center of a complex network of climate maintaining installations on Motavia. A lot of the computers and other machines in the building are probably useless after Neifirst is defeated, but that might not have taken down the entire network.

Some of the other climate controlling stuff could still be functioning in a limited capacity. IIRC, Paseo and most towns had some kind of weather control tower in them. If some of those were still working, the climate shift back to desert might have been avoidable. It might have even been possible to repair whatever damage Neifirst had done to Climacontrol up to that point. The place probably had some kind of self-repair technology, considering there were no people maintaining many of the similar installations.

The fall of Mother Brain would have probably caused a lot of the machines to shut down or spin out of control. We know from PSIV that the government on Motavia got some of them working again via Zelan, but then the planet was hit by bits of Palma. Those strikes would have caused enough damage to devastate most of the remaining climate network, leading to the deterioration over the next thousand years.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, '10, 7:25 pm 
Looks like Climatrol was a system which would make it rain when it was needed in Motavia (some say its name is rainmaker in japanese).
Being so, I do think Climatrol is gone for good when Neifirst dies. When there is the flood, it means that the water which was being held into the system to make it rain leaked and then you get the dam quest.
With the Climatrol gone, it was still possible to avoid the climate shift by other artificial means, like artificial irrigation provided by other machines, etc. It may not be as efficient as Climatrol was, but it could make the desertification a much longer process or even prevent it from happening, though it would demand lots of work, unlike with Motherbrain and Climatrol.
Then you can think that either the process was unavoidable and, with the time, the climate of the planet was returning to the original state or that the Great Collapse removed most of the technology and made it impossible to Motavians to keep the climate the way it was in PSII, so the desertification started again.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, '10, 8:04 pm 
From what I recall, I thought Mother Brain forbade anyone from crossing the ocean. And who would willingly go underwater to Climatrol? One thing I have considered is that there is that gum (it has a name I cannot recall, Manuera? :?) that allows Rolf and co. to breathe underwater, so anyone could reach it if necessary, but there would have to be easy access to that product and I dunno if the shop advertises the stuff, lol.

Blue-haired Shopkeeper: Hey, I'm selling gum that I made from leaves! It has high amounts of oxy-

Random NPC: I dunno what kinda "leaves" you made that stuff from... *shifty eyes* But I'll take the whole case!

Blue-haired Shopkeeper: Really!? I don't think I'll have anymore once this is gone, though... Those kids haven't come back with more leaves. =(

Random NPC: Hey, uh. I got some "leaves" growing outback on a plant. Will those work?

Blue-haired Shopkeeper: >_> I don't think so.

Anyways! In the end, it may be something that no one thinks about, so perhaps Climatrol was long forgotten.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, '10, 10:13 pm 
Thoul wrote:Some of the other climate controlling stuff could still be functioning in a limited capacity. IIRC, Paseo and most towns had some kind of weather control tower in them.
I thought that, too, and I even incorporated it into one of my stories. I'm glad I'm not the only one recalling it. :D

Tsu- Hehe. :D Mauruera* was pretty close marijuana.

*I think I spelled that right. I'm too lazy to check.

I also find it interesting that in PSII it's mentioned that Motavia has "no natural rainfall." Really? None? In every PS game excluding PSIII, Motavia has a large body of water. Wouldn't that mean there's some natural rainfall?

PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, '10, 10:53 pm 
At the time when the Phantasy Star II events were going there might of been no rainfall cause Mother Brain had the artificial ocean.. If you look at the map the land looks man made, as well as the ocean..

After the Climatrol? Or Mother Brain were shut down most likely the artificalness of the world started cracking up, thus splitting the once large continent. Most likely theres some kinda space object that Mother Brain controls that keeps the weather from going from day to night to a rainy day.. I dunno..

I looked at the PSIV map and the PSII map and even though the PSIV map is larger, Vahal Fort looks pretty close to where the climatrol might of been. Most likely not the same place since climatrol was underwater but with the world moving around who knows where the place might of floated to with the tides.

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