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PostPosted: Wed Feb 16, '22, 6:08 pm 
A new trailer is out for the animated movie "Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers". ... ar-AATST1V

I saw this on tv last night and it looks quiet interesting.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 17, '22, 12:48 pm 
Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers ! Long time no see this "animated movie ! (Tic and Tac or Tic et Tac in French ;)).

PostPosted: Sun Sep 11, '22, 11:36 pm 
Watched the movie with friends back in June, and we were glad there were no children present when we watched it. The movie is shockingly not intended for chilrdren to say the least.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 13, '22, 11:38 am 
Not intended for children ? I was sure of this ! :)

PostPosted: Thu Oct 6, '22, 2:24 am 
myau56 wrote:Not intended for children ? I was sure of this ! :)

All sorts of drug culture references and innuendos in the movie.

They've taken the Rescue Rangers and moved them into the Roger Rabbit Disney-verse where cartoon characters (aka "toons") are living entities existing in reality alongside humanity. In the original canon of Rescue Rangers cartoon series it existed in the same Disney 'intelligent animal universe', as it were, as "The Rescuers" movies, where certain species of animals are actually sentient and smart, but attempt to go unnoticed by humans.

This honestly felt more like a Roger Rabbit movie than it did anything to do with Rescue Rangers. And being brutaly honest, Roger Rabbit is a far tamer movie than this was.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 6, '22, 12:36 pm 
Wahooo ! :o At this level ? Thank you dear Tweeg for all the nice precisions ! :) :clap:

PostPosted: Thu Oct 6, '22, 8:25 pm 
Thanks for the review Tweeg!

Very sorry to hear that they have changed this movie so drastically that it would not be good for children. Filmmakers seem to delight in changing things these days and usually winding up with something so different from the original story, etc. It's sad.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 15, '22, 9:53 pm 
Silver_Surfer1 wrote:Thanks for the review Tweeg!

Very sorry to hear that they have changed this movie so drastically that it would not be good for children. Filmmakers seem to delight in changing things these days and usually winding up with something so different from the original story, etc. It's sad.

Your welcome, but I don't want to leave it off without giving more detailed information concerning my opinions. So I'll highlight, in spoiler tags, the more problemtaic aspects of the movie that still come to my mind all these months later.

How it Starts:
The movie starts with a "Rescue Rangers" reunion, relating that about thirty years ago after taking down Fat Cat and garnering national media attention that the detective agency closed down and its' members split-up going their separate ways in life. This is where we get the gross major changes of characters.

The Main Characters:
- Chip became a stuck-up and successful Hollywood star. He distanced himself from the other members of the Rescue Rangers feeling they all dragged him down and still seems to hold some resentment towards them, especially Dale.
- Dale became a pitiable loner bachelor, fitting into the 'weird but lovable uncle' character trope, right down to driving a beat up looking older model car (a Mercedez Convertible no less).
- Monteray Jack, also a bachelor, is implied as having become a "cheese" addict. Well of course he's a cheese addict, he's a mouse (or was it a rat? I honestly don't recall). Problem is that in this movie "cheese" is no longer the dairy product, but is now elluded to as being something akin to crack coccaine.
- Gadget - Stuff of nightmares starts here. Gadget is a successful engineer who has married Zipper... yeah. And they have nightmare inducing Mouse-Fly hybrid children, you can't make this stuff up.
- Zipper - Monteray Jack's pet fly, who in the series was a sort of Scooby Doo like character who really didn't speak anything intelligible now speaks fluently, and with a distinctive African-American accent making this both disturbing and more than a tad bit racially questionable. Zipper is now a stay-at-home dad to he and Gadgets ridiculous creepshow of over a dozen miss-matched fly & mouse body part children.
- Gadet & Zippers Children - Oh the horror! Pure unadulterated nightmare fuel! I can not stress enough how disturbingly creepy this is. It's as if someone over at Disney watched the old "The Fly" horror movies and decided to attempt to somehow make that kid friendly. Seriously just disturbing.

The Plot:
Monteray Jack never shows up for the reunion, so Dale decides to check in on him only to find he's missing. This is where we get our first introduction that in this movie cheese is a drug as Dale discovers cheese left out in the open. The police are called in and to cut to the chase Dale convinces Chip they should search for Monteray Jack for old times sake. The lion's share of the movie is then about the hunt for Monteray Jack and the discovery that Monteray is deeply in debt to his cheese/drug dealer and that the dealer is notorious for calling debts and making people who can't pay up permanently disappear. I should mention that this whole aspect of them dealing with drugs, drug dealers, trying to infiltrate the drug underworld and so forth is beyond the sorts of plots the cartoon series really dealt with and is definitely more like something you'd see in a late night detective show. They ultimately find out that the drug dealer they're investigating, the one who makes his customers that can't pay off their drug debts vanish collects his lost assets by selling off their body parts and organs. So the movie plot shifts about midway from searching for Monteray Jack, to trying to nail the bad guy as they end up presuming Monteray Jack is likely deceased. Again, this isn't really subject matter to put into a movie for children.

The End
Without spoiling it to much, in the end Monteray Jack is found alive, but minus one arm. The movie shows Monteray Jack got a arm transplant with the arm of some other cartoon creature in the end, but this just kind of serves to add to the creep factor of the movie. More importantly, it sends the bad message that if you lose an arm you can just get another one.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, '22, 12:38 pm 
Thank you again dear Tweeg for this very detailed review ! :clap: :fiery:

PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, '22, 7:02 pm 
Interesting review. I can certainly see how some of these issues may be a problem and perhaps unsuitable for certain younger age groups.

Some kids today may have become accustomed to seeing some of these things with what all is being shown these days on tv, movies, etc. but still parents should be aware and try to monitor if possible.

I wonder what the rating is for this movie whether PG or something else?

Does not sound like the original Chip and Dale of years ago but as with so many other movies, etc. these days, it seems there has to be major changes to try and attract some viewers.

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