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PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, '09, 11:58 pm 
Well, I know that 50 Million sounds extreme, but when you think of all the medical bills this lady is going to have (she practically lost her face, she may be blind, she may have lost her hands, etc., etc., etc.,) and the cost of care that she will undoubtably need for YEARS.....then this sounds like a paltry amount, if you ask me. Oh yes, there is the "suffering and distress" part too. Like it or not, somebody has to pay her bills and she's going to need money to live on (if she continues to live) and probably expenses for who knows what. I wonder in today's medical expenses, etc., if 50 million will even be enough. Although, I kinda doubt the lawsuit will win that high amount, but you never know.

PostPosted: Thu May 14, '09, 3:56 am 
Bumping this thread up as I heard on the news today that test reports were back which were done on the chimp that attacked this lady, and the test results showed that the chimp did have the drug Xanex (sp?) in his system.

So, I'm wondering if the drug could have influenced the chimp's behaviour in any way and possibly helped bring on this attack??? We may never know for certain.

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