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 Post subject: Chimp Attack Victim
PostPosted: Thu Nov 12, '09, 6:42 pm 
Remember the thread and story we had on here a year or so ago about the chimp attacking the lady and almost tearing her face off? Well, I've been reading online that the lady has been making some tv appearances lately: ... 8452.shtml

I'm glad she seems to be doing okay after that horrible attack, etc.

I don't know about that claim by the chimp's owner about the attack only being a worker's compensation claim, though. That seems kind of lame to me. :roll:

 Post subject: Re: Chimp Attack Victim
PostPosted: Mon Dec 7, '09, 4:55 pm 
I used to raise dogs. As a dog breeder it's essential to understand that without properly conditioning the animal you're going to have trouble with the animal. Look at the "Dog Whisperer" (really stupid name, btw). He's able to get dogs to submit because he understands the mental process of dogs and knows how to deal with them.

Other people, such as myself, take a little more drastic measures. I physically discipline the animals if they begin to get out of hand. In the event I am ever bitten by one of the animals in an aggressive manner, I put the animal down. You may be able to get the animal to submit and behave as it once did, but there will be a good probability that it will attack again and I know I will not tolerate this especially when children are present. It sounds harsh, but when the dog growls at me, I strike the dog. When it's time to eat, I pour their dog bowl and keep it by me until I'm done eating and then, after seeing them accept that they'll have to wait for me to let them eat, do I let them eat.

I know people don't agree with these methods and some call it animal cruelty, but the world isn't painted pink with rainbows and flowers. Dogs are animals and theirs is a world humans assume themselves to be above. Yes, you can get respect from your animals without resorting to violence, but that takes an understanding of the animals phyche that most people think can be readily replaced with kindness, comfort, and love. It can't be. I choose my method because it is a watered down version of what they would face were they wild animals. I do love my animals, but they need to behave a certain way for me to be able to keep them around people.

This lady should have had a gun in the house. A rifle, preferably since the animal will die if it ever attacks a human, but a tranquilizer gun would have been sufficient. Chimpanzes are known for their aggression and it was her irresponsibility in animal maintanance that led to this womans current predicament. To call it "worker's comp. claim" is irrationally negligent and may very well be the final nail in the coffin for their defense.

50 million is a price I doubt she can afford and it does sound unreasonable in my opinion. The plastic surgery to attempt to recover her face will be very costly and all the hospital bills, medical care, prescription drugs, and whatever else she will require (she's now blind, after all) should be covered without hesitation. But this woman still has her home, bills, etc. to think about and her current condition is going to make it very difficult to find any sort of work to replace what she was doing. All in all, 5-10 million sounds like a reasonable claim, to me. One that she is fully entitled to.

 Post subject: Re: Chimp Attack Victim
PostPosted: Tue May 25, '10, 9:09 pm 
Bumping this topic up as I came across some recently related news regarding this "chimp attack" story. It seems the owner of the chimp has died: ... ?Gt1=43001

Sad story all the way around with this chain of events, etc.

 Post subject: Re: Chimp Attack Victim
PostPosted: Tue May 25, '10, 9:32 pm 
I suppose the stress finally got to her. After losing so much and having to go through such an event like the chimp attack and aftermath, I can sympathize a little bit. Even though the attack was not a severe an experience for her as the victim, it couldn't have been very easy either.

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