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 Post subject: Cheating
PostPosted: Mon May 14, '07, 9:17 pm 
What is your opinion on cheating, on either PSO or PSU? Have you ever had any problems resulting from cheating or bad encounters with cheaters?

For my part, I didn't run into any people that caused me problems when I played PSO online. I always heard that there was a bad cheating problem, but I never really saw any direct evidence of it. I'm not saying there wasn't, of course, just that I never ran into it.

 Post subject: Re: Cheating
PostPosted: Tue May 15, '07, 4:47 pm 
I may have run into some cheaters once or twice, but not much. I don't really remember. It was something I didn't see much either.

I don't have a problem with people doing it offline, but it shouldn't be done online. Fair is fair, and online cheating isn't fair. :)

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