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 Post subject: PS Androids and Emotions
PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, '10, 1:49 am 
Note: For the purpose of this thread I'm referring to all the robotic characters of the PS world as androids, even though they're mistakenly called cyborgs in PSIII.


Do you think the androids have human emotions? What emotions do you think they have? What kind of human relationships are the capable of?

I'll answer my own questions in a bit. Gotta get back to work, so until then... discuss!

PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, '10, 2:05 am 
I do believe they have emotions. You see Demi smiling a fair bit throughout PSIV. Wren is more serious but he does smile every now and then especially during the ending. In Mieu’s portrait she’s smiling on PSIII as well.

Here’s the part that puts it off for me though. The androids could be programmed to have emotions so they don’t really feel or show anything because they are computer but under the correct circumstances they activate that required artificial emotion when around humans. I do like to believe they have like a soul and have human emotions though.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, '10, 2:16 am 
I can only comment on PSIV so here I go.

For Wren, as much as I want to say he has emotions, I don't think he does. If he does, he's really good at hiding them. I blame his calm demeanor. I do believe though that he does have the capability to establish friendship. Even close friends, but not a lover.

As for Demi, I think she has emotions. Basically think a Wren 2.0. The reason why I say this is because I think I remember he being sad when a certain someone passed away (mind you I need to get around to playing the game again). I believe I also saw a picture of Demi smiling. Naturally, I think she has an easy time becoming friends with people and considers all friends as close friends. I believe she is the type that would want to have a relationship, but comes off as more of a little kid than a girlfriend.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, '10, 2:45 am 
To answer my own questions: I think that all of the androids have some emotions. Demi gets excited about her job and technology, PSIV Wren has some exclamations here and there in the script, as do Mieu and Wren from PSIII. So... at the very least they occasionally get excited. I can't remember if Demi was sad, but it sounds familiar.

It's not exactly canon, but Toyo Ozaki protrayed Mieu as being sweet and smiling a lot. She was also nurturing towards all the third generation heroes in her comics. I think she might have been programmed to at least have a nurturing, maternal side to her.

As far as romantic connections, I don't believe any of the androids were programmed this way. However, I'm open to believing that maybe, perhaps, part of their makeup is that they can develop a more human personality over time, and actually have enough sentience to understand those complicated human emotions like love and lust, too (not just mimic them).

PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, '10, 3:03 am 
Cyborgs/androids... you say tomato, I say tomata... ^_^

You know what I mean! Hehehe.

To answer, yes, I think "some" of the robots have emotions. As Lucas and Atlin say, Demi in particular is quite an emotional droid. She is also modest... to the extent that she does not want others even looking her way when she dresses! She does smile and is cheerful in some scenes. She looks "sad" at Alys's funeral. As for Wren, I don't think he is as emotional as Demi, but he is also seen smiling. He also makes jokes, which hints he has a sense of humor, er, if you could "call" it a sense.

I do think robots can be programmed to "feel." Remember the movie "Artificial Intelligence"? Some of the robots in that film (such as Jude Law's character) were programmed to serve the opposite sex, ahem, even in uh, "that" way. Do the robots have a limbic system? Certainly not, but if a robot is programmed a certain way, they can certainly believe they feel... in a way that humans believe they also feel.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, '10, 3:05 am 
Oh, I think at least Demi has emotions. I don't think it takes that long to establish that.

But I really have nothing to add otherwise. Everyone has covered just about everything I COULD say about Wren, as he's the only other one I could discuss.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, '10, 5:49 am 
Oops, I wasn't clear in my post. I think androids can be programmed to feel lust and desire a partner (after all, in fiction anything can happen), but I don't think any of the PS androids were originally programmed to have romantic feelings.

And RW, I forgot that Demi wanted everyone to look away while she installed stuff to her. That was so cute! Demi wins for having the best android personality in any of the games.

Rune Walsh wrote:Cyborgs/androids... you say tomato, I say tomata... ^_^
*dusts off the cyborg/android debate* Noooo! Cyborgs are humans with some cybernetic parts! (/sci-fi geekery) :wink: :D (In all honesty, I don't care that much. Or... maybe I do... I was always bummed there weren't any cyborgs in the original PS games. At the time I had a major crush on Cable from the Marvel universe. Yes, I realize he was kind of an old man to have a crush on when I was only... oh my, I need to shut up now. :lol: )

PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, '10, 8:27 am 
Regarding all the androids in the PS series, like Atlin I can only really comment on Demi and Wren. Demi to me seems almost like a Palman that has the body of an android. Take this excerpt from PS4.

Hahn: Whew. I expected her to be an android, but this is beyond my expectations!
Gryz: She's no different than a human being!

And Demi does convey some sort of emotions throughout the game, even hinting at the praise she accepts from Master Wren and that certain scene that brought many of us to tears.... I always smiled when I read the praise Demi accepted from Wren. As for Wren, there are a few excellent fics from Black Waltz 0 at and the now defunct called Blue Sky (terribly depressing fic, but beautifully written) and Love and War, which Wren conveys some sort of emotion, but in the game, he is mostly neutral, cool and calm (one of the reasons I love that guy so much. :D)

PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, '10, 11:36 am 
Just chipping in my part, but in Wren's case you could argue that spending almost 1000 years working on a space station would leave you a little less emotional. :D

Besides, as some have already said, I can't imagine Wren being more of an emotional character. It's what makes him him. He is an android after all. And while he does get more involved in things later, he's doing what he's doing for the sake of fixing environmental control. It just so happens that it involves saving the world from darkness too. :D

PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, '10, 4:01 pm 
I'd echo the sentiments already expressed: some emotions are definitely present in the androids. The female models seem the most expressive, but that could just be a influence from culture or stereotypes. PSIII Wren seems the least expressive, but he only has a handful of lines in the game, so it is hard to judge.

I'm going to veer into the Japanese version for a minute, but I think this is a strong indicator of Mieu's emotions. When she meets Rhys, one of the things she says is "Wherever I go, I'm always crowded in by people...But I'm not running away any longer!" Clearly, being crowded made her uncomfortable... that's definitely an emotional response.

I'd even go so far as to say the androids in PSI have emotions. Hapsby seems very grateful for being rescued from a garbage dump. The robotcops appear quite eager to kill, but that could be a programming thing.

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