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« Fri Oct 7, '16, 10:05 pm »   I'm back on the Stardew Valley train -_- I started a new game because I wanted to try out one of the new layouts. Went with Hilltop. It's kind of hard to place in buildings, but if you plan it right, you can fit everything in no problem. Thank you Stardew Valley Planner
« Fri Oct 7, '16, 10:48 am »   Happy Birthday to jessie on Friday, October 7! :cake:
« Wed Oct 5, '16, 2:12 am »   (Also, when did I buy Demon Truck?)
« Wed Oct 5, '16, 2:12 am »   I dunno; Steam's storefront seems to be taking FOREVER to load up in the frontend.
« Tue Oct 4, '16, 11:02 pm »   So is it just me, or is every game I play or want to play has either got an update or is being released today?
« Mon Oct 3, '16, 9:06 am »   I was contemplating getting the beta, however I decided against it due to the fact that Marvel's Luke Cage was just released on Netflix. Not that gaming and watching TV isn't something I already do, I just want to focus on one thing or the other
« Sat Oct 1, '16, 6:04 pm »   I got the beta (and am not going to start ANOTHER new farm =p)
« Sat Oct 1, '16, 10:39 am »   I'm pretty excited for the Stardew Valley 1.1 on Monday. So close yet so far!
« Thu Sep 29, '16, 1:23 am »   Happy Birthday to Lamanai and Jim-Algo! :cake:
« Wed Sep 28, '16, 2:46 am »   I used to play in bars and get paid in beer. :D
« Wed Sep 28, '16, 12:56 am »   No. But I have acted in musical plays.
« Tue Sep 27, '16, 11:57 pm »   That might be a great "Getting To Know You" question....Have you ever been part of a musical band? As for me, no, but I wish!
« Tue Sep 27, '16, 2:18 pm »   I have a face for radio and a voice for silent films, I have no band. =p
« Tue Sep 27, '16, 10:17 am »   <.<
« Tue Sep 27, '16, 10:17 am »   It stands for Drumsticks & Dreadlocks. It's Snorb's band.
« Sun Sep 25, '16, 7:42 pm »   What's D&D night? Dungeons & Dragons...or something else?
« Wed Sep 21, '16, 5:22 am »   Going to sleep, then to work, then after work is D&D night. Our party is not a bunch of role models.
« Sun Sep 18, '16, 1:20 am »   "Snorb, we should play Traveller again, it's been a few months and my character almost died." "I know, but I haven't been really up for it; besides, you only almost died because your space pirate friend 'heroically' dodged a 40mm grenade that was fired right at his head and you happened to be behind him."
« Fri Sep 16, '16, 9:48 pm »   Thank goodness it's Friday!! Looking forward to the weekend.
« Thu Sep 15, '16, 2:50 am »   Happy Birthday to r3alP on Thursday, Sept. 15. :cake:
« Tue Sep 13, '16, 7:28 pm »   Wow. I have made my first foray into competitive Overwatch, so far only played Mercy, and I'm above to WAY above average on everything with her except resurrections. And that can at least in part be chalked up to being good at keeping my teammates alive in the first place. Yay.
« Fri Sep 9, '16, 7:30 am »   Mania is being done by people who are *extremely* well known in the hacking community of Sonic and have a history of some extremely high quality fan-work. The fact that Sonic Mania looks good should not be much of a shock when its in their hands. The issue with Sega has always been Sega of Japan's insistence on trying to appeal to its own domestic audience that simply doesn't care about Sonic.
« Thu Sep 8, '16, 10:12 am »   I just watched gameplay for it and I got really nostalgic. It looks like a very well done Sonic The Hedgehog fan game and I'm alright with that.
« Wed Sep 7, '16, 11:04 pm »   So, Sonic Mania looks like it's a better Sonic the Hedgehog 4 than the actual Sonic the Hedgehog 4. This might or might not be based on me thoroughly enjoying the 2016 version of the Green Hill Zone song.
« Tue Sep 6, '16, 8:27 pm »   Well, geez, just a few nights ago, I set my 14K healing record with Mercy. Last night I beat THAT record, and I'm top 5000 for most healing in a single match with her. Coo.
« Tue Sep 6, '16, 4:53 am »   I did literally nothing the last three days except watch a whole lot of Ninja Warrior. Weekend well spent.
« Mon Sep 5, '16, 4:12 pm »   Happy Labor Day today to all who celebrate in the US, etc. :usa:
« Sat Sep 3, '16, 5:15 pm »   Saw the Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary World Tour trailer; laughed hysterically.
« Sat Sep 3, '16, 3:41 pm »   I broke my most healing done in match record in Overwatch last night. In fact I broke it twice and my new record is 14,093.
« Thu Sep 1, '16, 2:43 am »   Happy Birthday to Hukos on Thursday, September 01. :cake:
« Thu Sep 1, '16, 2:41 am »   Happy Birthday to Rick on Wednesday, August 31. :cake:
« Tue Aug 30, '16, 1:40 am »   Happy Birthday to Mikepjr on Tuesday, August 30! :cake:
« Sun Aug 28, '16, 7:45 am »   Thanks for the birthday wish! Aside from work, it was pretty alright. ^_^
« Sat Aug 27, '16, 10:07 pm »   Lots of birthdays! ^_^
« Sat Aug 27, '16, 2:46 pm »   Happy Birthday to Atlinsmere on Saturday, August 27! :cake:
« Fri Aug 26, '16, 9:05 pm »   Happy Birthday to Waterfaller and Apprentice_of_Crys on Friday, August 26. :cake:
« Thu Aug 25, '16, 9:46 am »   TO add on this, what with all the crap with [Mother] ([Mother] Is confirmed to be in orbit, for the record), it's fairly obvious where they're going with this... It takes two questions to get to Algol: "We're from Phantasy Star Online 2, what is Phantasy star online 1?" And "What's Phantasy Star?". This could easily get us to ALgol quickly due to the ongoing issue with the Profound Darkness REFUSING to die... Something tells me that if they did go, they'll be extremely disappointed with the answer of "We hit it until it died."
« Thu Aug 25, '16, 9:20 am »   Dumb thought about pso2. The game has us drilling through dimensions, and quite frequently has stuff coming our way... Gal Gryphon exists in the game, and the PSO timeline is destroyed in PSP2i... Would it be unreasonable to theorize that the world ARKS lives in is a sort of "dimensional dumping ground" for broken timelines?
« Tue Aug 23, '16, 10:16 pm »   This is, without a doubt, the crowning nadir of twelve years of my Dungeons & Dragons hobby. (PS: Sailor Moon is Community, Good, Healing, Lawful, and Nobility, with clubs as a favored weapon.)
« Tue Aug 23, '16, 10:15 pm »   One of my friends was encouraged to make a region in our D&D setting. She needs gods. I came up with deity domains for the Inner Sailor Scouts as a joke. My best friend helped refine them and added the Outer Scouts.
« Tue Aug 23, '16, 7:36 pm »   Unrelated note, after it taking over a month in Overwatch to get a single quad rez with Mercy, I got two in one night last night. So many good moments.
« Tue Aug 23, '16, 7:36 pm »   It's quite lovely. Also, we got a lot of rain that night and we needed it, we are in a drought here in Massachusetts. To my knowledge, no tornado ever actually touched down.
« Tue Aug 23, '16, 6:10 pm »   Hope all is well Wolf Bird and you have better weather today!
« Mon Aug 22, '16, 1:22 pm »   Radar indicated. No idea if anything touched down in the area, but I will probably find out.
« Mon Aug 22, '16, 1:20 pm »   Nothing like your phone going off like a siren at 3 AM because of a tornado warning.
« Mon Aug 22, '16, 6:53 am »   Really loving RE4 right now. I shouldn't need to use SPEEDRUN STRATS to get past that flipping minecart QTE
« Mon Aug 22, '16, 6:52 am »   Happy Birthday to carlsojos on Monday, August 22! :cake:
« Sun Aug 21, '16, 6:05 pm »   Headphones are now set up in computer to drown out the air conditioner. Just in time for the dying days of a golden summer.
« Wed Aug 17, '16, 7:13 pm »   *patch
« Wed Aug 17, '16, 7:13 pm »   Well, Blizzard's main Overwatch patch this week was garbage, but then they patched the test servers for upcoming changes and I'm loving what I'm reading in the match notes (AKA it includes Mercy buff YAY).
« Wed Aug 17, '16, 2:51 am »   I should play Race into Space again; maybe I can top my all-time crowning moment of "glory."
« Tue Aug 16, '16, 3:40 pm »   Happy Birthday to heinzel on Tuesday, August 16. :cake:
« Tue Aug 16, '16, 2:52 am »   And now you can't unsee it
« Mon Aug 15, '16, 3:05 pm »   Yeah. Yeah they are indeed purple.
« Mon Aug 15, '16, 3:02 pm »   Wait, her ears are purple in battle? One second while I confirm.
« Mon Aug 15, '16, 7:23 am »   Is it bad that I was seriously considering learning to modify Genesis roms just to fix Nei's dumb purple ears in the battle sprites? It's really hampering my enjoyment for some reason (See: Bothers the absolute hell out of me)
« Mon Aug 15, '16, 4:45 am »   I hath returned from a week camping. I'm feeling very relaxed
« Sun Aug 14, '16, 1:33 am »   Helped a friend move today. I am so tired. On the other hand I finally beat a section in The Last of Us Grounded mode that was giving me a LOT of trouble.
« Sat Aug 13, '16, 2:31 am »   Added the others. I also have the artbook for PSU, but it's passworded... For some reason. I'll need to ask my guy for the code.
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