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« Mon Aug 15, '16, 3:02 pm »   Wait, her ears are purple in battle? One second while I confirm.
« Mon Aug 15, '16, 7:23 am »   Is it bad that I was seriously considering learning to modify Genesis roms just to fix Nei's dumb purple ears in the battle sprites? It's really hampering my enjoyment for some reason (See: Bothers the absolute hell out of me)
« Mon Aug 15, '16, 4:45 am »   I hath returned from a week camping. I'm feeling very relaxed
« Sun Aug 14, '16, 1:33 am »   Helped a friend move today. I am so tired. On the other hand I finally beat a section in The Last of Us Grounded mode that was giving me a LOT of trouble.
« Sat Aug 13, '16, 2:31 am »   Added the others. I also have the artbook for PSU, but it's passworded... For some reason. I'll need to ask my guy for the code.
« Sat Aug 13, '16, 1:32 am »   those-print-publications-i-promised-vt10740.html I T ' S H E R E
« Fri Aug 12, '16, 2:48 pm »   TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been a long week!
« Sun Aug 7, '16, 8:01 am »   (Looking at you, colossus 3, with that vital point on your left arm. And you too, colossus 15, who I fought today but had to quite midway through, and that new vital on your chest is hard as nails).
« Sun Aug 7, '16, 7:59 am »   I've beaten that game tons of times, I know the way (more or less) to each colossus and how to beat them. I probably could've taken even less time had I not gone for some extra goodies, taken a wrong turn or two, and took a while on a couple of buggers. Playing in hard mode, and some of the new vital points some of them get are pretty tough.
« Sat Aug 6, '16, 9:15 pm »   That's a... bit quick, isn't it?
« Sat Aug 6, '16, 6:25 am »   I got hit with a random urge to play Shadow of the Colossus, and in less than 3 hours I defeated 10 of 16 colossi. That game is still awesome 11 years on.
« Sat Aug 6, '16, 12:15 am »   I have a Lego Church Project display this weekend. A parish I've never been to.
« Fri Aug 5, '16, 4:53 pm »   (spends most of the day playing Stardew Valley)
« Fri Aug 5, '16, 12:08 pm »   TGIF! Have a wonderful day everyone! :)
« Tue Aug 2, '16, 11:43 pm »   Now that I think of it, I do think the member feedback forum requires a minimum number of posts before it opens. I think it's around 5 or so. Apologies for forgetting that.
« Tue Aug 2, '16, 8:50 pm »   It says I'm not authorized to enter it.
« Tue Aug 2, '16, 1:14 pm »   The Member Feedback forum is right here: member-feedback-vf15.html
« Tue Aug 2, '16, 6:03 am »   I got all the scans zipped up, and I've got a couple other artbooks on here, but... I mean, my internet is garbage. I'll need someone to rehost these when I post them. (Also, where's the feedback forum?)
« Tue Aug 2, '16, 4:35 am »   Most definitely put them up; maybe someone who's (much) more able to translate Japanese can give them a go!
« Tue Aug 2, '16, 2:22 am »   If you have scans available, they could make a neat addition to the site. I'd post in the feedback forum about it, Chaoko, then maybe we can take it from there.
« Mon Aug 1, '16, 5:50 pm »   Happy Birthday to Dr. Casey on Monday, August 01. :cake:
« Mon Aug 1, '16, 7:54 am »   Juuust a tip for the publications section. The PSI-III Futabasha Game Books are a thing. They're Choose Your Own Adventure books, scans of which are archived on some 'sites' by yours truly. So, if anyone feels like putting those up (With minimal info, of course, as there is little to no documentation of these books even EXISTING... Just a bit of 'hey these exist' as a page would be neat, unless we have a quality guidelines thing I'm not aware of.
« Sun Jul 31, '16, 7:23 pm »   Hi Chaoko, and welcome!
« Sun Jul 31, '16, 5:14 pm »   Anyone is welcome, so...yeah. Welcome, Chaoko!
« Sun Jul 31, '16, 2:46 pm »   Welcome, Chaoko! :D
« Sun Jul 31, '16, 10:16 am »   So. After about six weeks of sorta wondering if I want to be a part of the community, I started noticing small errors here and there, and I know I would probably have an easier time submitting reports with an account, so here I am. (I also happen to have interesting stories to tell, I guess.)
« Sun Jul 31, '16, 2:42 am »   Is it just me, or does anyone else feel Saturdays are not as fun as they used to be?
« Fri Jul 29, '16, 9:13 pm »   All that means is I met a deadline to submit a "final" version. Turns out I can still incorporate feedback for content/formatting, but still have to meet that first deadline.
« Fri Jul 29, '16, 8:52 pm »   yayay!
« Thu Jul 28, '16, 11:59 pm »   I just submitted my thesis, WOOOOOO!!!!!
« Tue Jul 26, '16, 10:12 pm »   Happy Birthday FreshFeeling on Tuesday, July 26! :cake:
« Mon Jul 25, '16, 3:27 am »   Happy Birthday to Thoul on Monday, July 25! :cake:
« Sat Jul 23, '16, 6:38 am »   Well, I had a bit of synergy with Zarya in Overwatch tonight for some reason. Got two plays of the game with her, which is kind of difficult with her, and generally played well with her.
« Tue Jul 19, '16, 6:58 pm »   Blizzard just released Ana and all the balance changes they tried in their test servers. I get why, but I was under the impression they were still trying to balance things out (particularly Mercy) and it wasn't ready yet...
« Mon Jul 18, '16, 3:28 am »   I just did some very impromptu worldbuilding for part of a D&D setting. I feel unstoppable, and I justified an in-game house rule at the same time.
« Sat Jul 16, '16, 7:41 pm »   Happy Birthday to R-90-2 on Saturday, July 16. :cake:
« Sat Jul 16, '16, 7:40 pm »   Congrats Wolf Bird!
« Sat Jul 16, '16, 8:16 am »   YAAAAYY! I finally got the 4-man Mercy rez in Overwatch, and it's corresponding achievement/unlock!!! I'll post a video later, as it's awesome!!!
« Fri Jul 15, '16, 7:57 pm »   Oh yeah, it's Friday...............Yay! :happy_marle:
« Fri Jul 15, '16, 6:54 pm »   Had to log in twice again today....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
« Thu Jul 14, '16, 11:51 am »   I seemed to have forgot I was on this site all day whilst I played Stardew Valley. hmm... So i'm good I guess
« Thu Jul 14, '16, 5:25 am »   Happy Birthday chaz360 and tilinelson2 on Thursday, July 14! :cake:
« Thu Jul 14, '16, 5:23 am »   Belated Happy Birthday wishes to MrKite on June 26! :party:
« Wed Jul 13, '16, 9:49 pm »   Hi Atlin, how are you this afternoon?
« Wed Jul 13, '16, 1:54 am »   Maybe its just me, but I find the whole team thing a bit...I dunno, weird. I get why it exists for gameplay purposes, but why can't there at least be an option to be neutral? Or like a mercenary?
« Wed Jul 13, '16, 12:13 am »   I just stole a Doctor Who quote to justify my preference for team in Pokemon Go
« Tue Jul 12, '16, 8:50 pm »   For me it's been loading only the background then just stopping to load anything else. And sometimes just logging me out.
« Tue Jul 12, '16, 8:16 pm »   No issues yet, but I just got here. Sometimes I think this board has a mind of it's own and it doesn't want to think my way, lol. I logged in the other day and started to post but it wouldn't let me because it said I was still logged out, so I had to log in again! Grrrr!
« Tue Jul 12, '16, 6:56 pm »   Anyone else having issues with the board today? It's being extremely temperamental for me.
« Mon Jul 11, '16, 10:55 pm »   Well, after a massively successful launch, Niantic just shot itself in the foot with Pokemon Go.
« Mon Jul 11, '16, 9:47 pm »   Happy Birthday to Scootaloo on Monday, July 11. :cake:
« Sun Jul 10, '16, 5:01 pm »   I hope so. ;_;
« Sun Jul 10, '16, 6:40 am »   So will the game ever go on sale or something so it's at least not $30?
« Sun Jul 10, '16, 4:45 am »   Considering every game of Fallout 1 I ever played ended with my character getting stung to death by radscorpions before my initiative came up, I'd say "Probably!" :D
« Sun Jul 10, '16, 2:52 am »   So basically, it's what would happen if Fallout and Dark Souls had a child?
« Sun Jul 10, '16, 1:34 am »   Oh, and failing some conversation-based skill checks can and will result in your character's immediate death. (The game's a bit on the difficult side. =p)
« Sun Jul 10, '16, 1:33 am »   It's a post-apocalypse roleplaying game where civilization is basically an even more corrupt Ancient Rome; the developers said that even if you make your character a complete combat beast, you can still expect to get killed about 1/3 of the time in combat.
« Sat Jul 9, '16, 5:26 pm »   What is The Age of Decadence, Snorb?
« Sat Jul 9, '16, 12:37 am »   Dilemma: Want to buy The Age of Decadence, but I don't really feel like paying thirty bucks for it.
« Thu Jul 7, '16, 7:51 am »   Happy Birthday to augmentedfourth on Thursday, July 7. :cake:
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