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« Sun Dec 10, '17, 6:05 pm »   Happy Birthday to Muffin Man and defyantx07 on Sunday, Dec. 10. :cake:
« Sat Dec 9, '17, 11:27 pm »   More snow all night long. I think we may have gotten an additional 3 or 4 inches last night. Sun was out today but still cold so only a little of the snow melted. So pretty to look at.
« Fri Dec 8, '17, 11:42 pm »   Yay!!!!!!!!! We had snow today...about 8 inches so far and it is still snowing! First snow of this winter season, even though winter does not officially start until about another week or so. Already made some snow ice cream and it was yummy!!!! Snow is the best part of winter!!! :snowman:
« Thu Dec 7, '17, 11:54 pm »   Happy Birthday to DarkOfNight - D on Friday, December 8. :cake:
« Tue Dec 5, '17, 12:00 am »   Happy Birthday to BroWren! :cake:
« Mon Nov 27, '17, 1:26 pm »   I'll effortpost about PSII stats later today.
« Mon Nov 27, '17, 1:26 pm »   Yeah, but at least in, say, Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior, your Strength did *something.* PSII, your Strength is totally meaningless and has no in-game effect.
« Sun Nov 26, '17, 4:29 pm »   A 1980's JRPG with massive technical faults? Say it ain't so!
« Sun Nov 26, '17, 5:47 am »   So after all these years, I found out how the stats in Phantasy Star II work. To be brief... *they don't.*
« Thu Nov 23, '17, 1:07 am »   A wee bit early, but, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :turkey:
« Wed Nov 22, '17, 3:40 pm »   I am 5/6ths of the way to my team of 5 IV suitable nature fire types for a monotype run in Ultra Sun. Now to get a Vulpix in Silver to transfer up...
« Wed Nov 22, '17, 12:24 am »   Happy Birthday to Abominae! :cake:
« Sun Nov 19, '17, 8:19 pm »   Ugh I have one of those periods again that I keep thinking of what I would have liked to have done with the original series (re imagining) or how I would like to expand on them with PNP RPG source books or fan games. A rather pointless effort as I know it only amounts to "fan fiction". It is better to imagine something of your own
« Sun Nov 19, '17, 5:27 am »   Huh... Casual Conversation has 6666 posts
« Sat Nov 18, '17, 3:54 am »   I was at the Nintendo store in New York for the first time today. They had Incineroar plushes (Incineroar is the final evolution of the fire starter Litten in Pokemon Sun/Moon/US/UM)
« Thu Nov 16, '17, 12:13 am »   Also... PSS officially has 300 posts!
« Thu Nov 16, '17, 12:12 am »   I left a wall of text in the Phantasy Star Story topic... I just kept writing and writing... it's a long one
« Thu Nov 16, '17, 12:03 am »   Welcome back TDG!
« Wed Nov 15, '17, 7:12 pm »   Well the AMA is being done by DICE, not EA.
« Wed Nov 15, '17, 1:46 pm »   Oh I know what an AMA is, I just wasn’t aware of AMAdisasters being a thing
« Wed Nov 15, '17, 1:45 pm »   I feel for that customer service rep.
« Wed Nov 15, '17, 3:14 am »   If an Ask Me Anything goes particularly unwell, it gets discussed on r/AMADisasters; such honors have gone to Jose Canseco for a profanity-laden AMA, Wyclef Jean for stealing money from his own charity that was supposed to go to the people of Haiti, Seth MacFarlane not knowing how Reddit works (he redeemed himself), Bill Nye being a total jerk about Bill Nye Saves the World and refusing to sing the Bill Nye the Science Guy theme, and other fun stuff.
« Wed Nov 15, '17, 3:12 am »   One particularly (un)lucky EA Customer Service rep is going to let Reddit ask them questions about anything. Considering that said account for EA Customer Service currently has the most downvoted comment on Reddit, I sincerely doubt this is going to go well.
« Tue Nov 14, '17, 7:30 pm »   @Snorb I hadn't heard about the AMA thing though...what's this then?
« Tue Nov 14, '17, 7:29 pm »   And extremely terrible loot box business model that's upsetting a lot of people. Enough that there have been mass refunds for preorders to the point EA removed the refund option in Origin.
« Tue Nov 14, '17, 5:50 pm »   What about Battlefront 2?
« Tue Nov 14, '17, 4:39 pm »   Most-downvoted post on Reddit, aaaaand tomorrow we're gonna get an AMA that I highly expect I'm gonna see on r/AMADisasters.
« Tue Nov 14, '17, 3:51 pm »   So...has anyone been following the hole EA is digging itself around Battlefront II?
« Tue Nov 14, '17, 8:00 am »   TDG, you're always welcome here! This is me... welcoming you... Welcome! :D
« Tue Nov 14, '17, 7:58 am »   You're hearing it first. I'll have something up by Wednesday! So long as I don't get called into work
« Tue Nov 14, '17, 7:57 am »   I think it's time for my yearly update. I'll read over PSS and whip something up. I don't remember where I wanted to go originally with the story so I need to get into that mindset again. I can't believe it's been 9 years already
« Tue Nov 14, '17, 3:38 am »   Hello all, I have not posted here in a long time. I hope I am still welcome
« Mon Nov 13, '17, 8:06 pm »   There's a Lucky Slime pillow from Slime Rancher on We Love Fine. It's the most adorable thing
« Sun Nov 12, '17, 11:42 pm »   Atlinsmere: Congratulations on the 9th Anniversary of Phantasy Star Story on Nov. 11.
« Sun Nov 12, '17, 6:49 pm »   Happy Birthday to Black Waltz 0, Xander, and MMXPERT on Sunday, Nov. 12. :cake:
« Sun Nov 12, '17, 2:31 pm »   Yoshi’s New Island. I try to finish things and pick my games carefully, but it’s just so bland.
« Sun Nov 12, '17, 3:11 am »   This I gotta ask, WB: Whta game?>
« Sun Nov 12, '17, 1:17 am »   Rylen: if you didn't find anything about getting that video, you might try looking at browser extensions/add-ons. I know there are a few for Firefox related to that.
« Sat Nov 11, '17, 8:52 pm »   Happy Veteran's Day on Saturday, Nov. 12. Thank you to all Veterans! :usa:
« Sat Nov 11, '17, 6:41 pm »   For the first time in a while I'm putting down a game because it's just so painfully mediocre. Not even bad, just incredibly bland.
« Sat Nov 11, '17, 4:45 am »   D:
« Fri Nov 10, '17, 7:38 pm »   I want to add the video to my youtube channel before they remove it off their servers.
« Fri Nov 10, '17, 3:30 pm »   Wolf Bird, congrats on the new boss. I looked her up on wikipedia and she sounds very impressive.
« Fri Nov 10, '17, 3:29 pm »   Sorry Rylen, I don't know anything about it. Maybe someone else can help.
« Fri Nov 10, '17, 1:19 am »   Anyone good at pulling video off a website/FB page?
« Thu Nov 9, '17, 7:07 pm »   Starting January 1st, my new boss is going to be Gina McCarthy, who directed the EPA under Obama from summer 2013 until he left office.
« Wed Nov 8, '17, 6:17 pm »   Frozen Wilds features a new enemy that is basically a fire breathing robo-wolf. 10/10 automatically.
« Mon Nov 6, '17, 5:26 pm »   Am I crazy about the fact that I am considering hopping on my PS4 at midnight to see if Frozen Wilds is unlocked for Horizon Zero Dawn? Because I'm so pumped for this.
« Mon Nov 6, '17, 10:32 am »   One other fun fact. On November 11, it will be PHantasy Star Story's 9 year anniversary... The time flies fast doesn't it?
« Mon Nov 6, '17, 10:27 am »   Sinah was originally suggested as Hinas spelt backwards but the vowels were switched. Just a little PSS fun fact for y'all
« Mon Nov 6, '17, 10:27 am »   I forgot that Sinah Advance was named by Thoul and Kaloes/Celieth with some help from Srijita and Snorb for solidifying my choice. Still a name I'm proud of
« Fri Nov 3, '17, 4:58 pm »   Sooner or later I'm going to go back and play through all the old games in that franchise
« Fri Nov 3, '17, 4:50 pm »   Ultra Sun will basically plug in all the missing legendaries I have from Gen 6 (once I play those games) as I have Alpha Sapphire and Y. Ultra Sun has Omega Ruby and X's exclusives mascot legendaries
« Fri Nov 3, '17, 4:48 pm »   The exclusive legendaries in Ultra Sun and Moon were revealed and that pretty much sealed the deal for me on getting Ultra Sun, even though I have Moon on the first iteration of gen 7.
« Thu Nov 2, '17, 3:42 am »   Happy Birthday to Artic-snowfox on Wed. Nov. 1 :cake:
« Wed Nov 1, '17, 11:28 pm »   I'll admit, I was more excited for the new Spider-Man trailer. That game is looking really good so far
« Wed Nov 1, '17, 8:22 pm »   The new Frozen Wilds trailer is awesome :D
« Tue Oct 31, '17, 7:56 pm »   :jack: Happy Halloween everyone! :jack:
« Tue Oct 31, '17, 4:13 pm »   Also the Horizon Zero Dawn DLC is out in a week. I haven't been this excited for an expansion since Skyrim.
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