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 Post subject: Celebrity Bowling
PostPosted: Sun May 29, '16, 9:04 pm 
Celebrity Bowling is an old classic show that probably ran in the 70's or 80's sometime. The Decades tv channel is having a marathon of Celebrity Bowling this weekend. I have been watching some of it. Anyone else seen it?

So far I have seen Adam West (TV's "Batman") on there and his bowling partner was the cowboy actor Roy Rogers! Have also seen the stars of "Adam-12", Martin Milner and Kent McCord, I think is his name. Other actors on there include Lloyd Bridges, his son Jeff Bridges, Richard Dawson (host of "Family Feud"), Ernest Borgnine, Steve Allen and his wife Jayne, Leslie Neilson, Angie ? (star of "Police Woman"), Julie London and Bobby Troup of "Emergency", and many, many others.

Some of these stars can really bowl good, and others are about as bad at it as I am. It is fun to watch this classic show though.

It will run on TV on the Decades channel all weekend long if anyone wants to check it out!

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