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PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, '14, 10:41 pm 
Okay, I have a small gripe. I really can't stand when they market horror games by showing "how scared" people are are when playing the game. Here is a recent example: ... 0-6420828/

No offense to the girl in the video, but this just bothers me. You know that this stuff is all planned, and the people in the videos are overreacting just to sell the game. Companies did this stuff with Amnesia, Outlast, Slenderman, and several other games. Youtubers like PewDiePie live stream horror games all the time, and they scream like 2 year olds just to get views and entertain their audiences.

I'll admit, some horror games have made me jump before, but these people act all scared at the dumbest things in their videos and it discredits them and the game. Being scared in horror games is an internal feeling. It's not something you sit there and scream about like a little child.

People need to stop with their horror video acts, and let the game creep people out on it's own. Sorry if this is a stupid gripe, but I just felt like I needed to say something.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, '14, 1:16 am 
Naw, it's a legit gripe. I have a tough time with horror games precisely because of so much marketing and how much it's shock value instead of…just plain tension. Seriously, as it stands, the only horror game I like is…you guessed it, The Last of Us. Because it rarely ever just shocks you for the sake of shocking you, it just makes you never feel quite comfortable. It's unnerving. All the time.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, '14, 1:25 am 
Well, in some cases, the scares are warranted. I watched Markiplier's play through of Outlast, and I was probably startled more so than he was in places.

But I agree with you overall. I mean, if they did that with Last of Us, it would feel pretty cheap. IN the case of Outlast, it is a well crafted game, but again, marketing prefers to rely on showing the cheap scares part.

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