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PostPosted: Tue Aug 12, '14, 7:33 pm 
I thought it might be interesting to make a thread discussing celebrities and other famous or well-known people who also enjoy playing video games.

This idea came to me while reading some stories regarding the recent death of comedian/actor Robin Williams who I have read was also a video game player and even liked The Legend Of Zelda video game so much that he named his own daughter Zelda. You can read more on that at the link below on this Fringes tribute to Robin Williams:


Anyway, does anyone else know of any other famous celebrities or well known people who love to play video games. I found a few of them listed in the articles below: ... /?view=all ... 012-7?op=1

PostPosted: Tue Aug 12, '14, 10:11 pm 
Yeah, the only ones I know off the top of my head are Ice-T, Mila Kunis, and a number of wrestlers (seems more popular in sports, for some reason, I guess because games tend to be competitive).

PostPosted: Tue Aug 12, '14, 11:23 pm 
Shaquille O'Neal is now all about gaming, now that he has retired from Basketball.

Dara O' Brien also really likes video games and probably wishes he was better at them.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 13, '14, 12:06 am 
The really old Nintendo Power magazines used to run a monthly feature about a celebrity who liked to play games. I don't recall a single one of them and that was like 20-30 years ago now, but hey...

PostPosted: Wed Aug 13, '14, 12:36 am 
Steve Wozniak used to send in his old Tetris scores to Nintendo Power-- they eventually stopped printing them because he was apparently that good at Tetris.

So he comes up with the clever plan to send them his scores under a false name. One fine day, he looks at NP's Tetris high scores, and shouts out loud, "Who the hell is Evets Kainzow?! He's got a better Tetris score than I ever had!" He had to be reminded that he was Evets Kainzow.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 13, '14, 12:45 am 
10 celebrities that love World of Warcraft: ... f-warcraft

5 more (some overlap): ... arcraft-2/

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