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PostPosted: Wed Jun 12, '13, 11:27 pm 
If you have 30 minutes to spare, then get ready to witness Animal Soccer World: one of the strangest "games" I've ever seen. I only say that because it's not even a game at all, just a unintentionally hilarious cartoon with little mini games (which I haven't shown in this video because they're nothing special). It's pretty bizarre: every character is voiced by the same guy, the lip-syncing is non-existent, there's annoying jungle music that is constantly looped, and half of the characters are Disney rip-offs.

A word to the wise: listen to the duck at the 2:14 mark for the most heavenly sound you'll ever hear.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 14, '14, 10:00 pm 
Ah yes ...that is truly a STRANGE/ODD/BIZARRE (and all that you want or what youfind !) "game"... hummm..
I Haven't seen all the 30 minutes but I think I'll try to do it later !
Thanks for the link, as it's a great thing to have witnessed :)

PostPosted: Tue Jan 14, '14, 10:54 pm 
LOL, I can't watch the whole video, but yeah 2:14 is priceless, haha.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, '14, 12:13 pm 
The DUCK sound is really very strange ! And loud ! ^^ But all in this video is so strange...

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