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 Post subject: Calling all hackers!
PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, '08, 10:45 pm 
Urgent message for anyone who knows how to hack games.

In Breath of Fire 3 there is a lock on Ryu that makes it where you cannot take him out of the party. Most likely there is a property in the data somewhere that can be changed so he can be removed. The reason is on gamefaqs we use to have a discussion on the BoF3 board was there were people who wanted to have Teepo in the end game. And with gameshark codes that is possible to a certain extent of the game but as you can see the games data is crazy as the game will only work with a party of Kid Ryu, Teepo, and Kid Rei, anything else involving Teepo/Kid Rei will result in a black screen with numbers telling you that these characters are not compatable with each other. If anyone knows how to hack and is able to take this lock off of Ryu then it will help out alot of BoF3 fans.

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