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 Post subject: Burker King redecorating
PostPosted: Wed Oct 7, '09, 9:08 pm 
Burger King restaurants are redesigning and updating their restaurants: ... =1,1308147

So, do you think this will help Burger King?

I dunno, I find it sort of hard to understand why they are worrying about their restaurant decor, etc., when many people can't even afford to eat out anymore any way due to the bad economy, etc. When I go out to eat, all I can think about is the food...not how the restaurant decor looks, but that's just me. If it's clean, that's all I care about. :starry-eyed:

PostPosted: Wed Oct 7, '09, 10:35 pm 
I suppose they're hoping it will draw in a lot of new business. Some people might go eat there once or twice just to see what changed and how it looks after remodeling.

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