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 Post subject: Video Game Cakes
PostPosted: Tue Oct 8, '13, 5:19 am 
So, I was browsing around online last night and somehow or other I came across a very interesting topic...a mixture of food and video games ( :D ) in the form of video game themed cakes.

Have you ever had a video game themed cake before, and if so, what kind was it?

Take a look at some of these links I found and the cakes shown therein. Amazing decorating done in all of them. These cakes look to good to eat but I wonder if they taste as good as they look! Which cakes of the ones shown below do you like best? A few of the cakes may be seen in more than one link but each link contains many different cakes. ... ake-100613 ... ake-photo/ ... game-cakes ... game-cakes ... game-cakes ... ake-ideas/

And, Wolf Bird, here is one you might be interested in: ... 24#gallery

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