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PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, '16, 1:01 am 
What does everyone think of this new "Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild" video game? Do you think it will be as popular as the other Legend Of Zelda games? ... /85911856/

PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, '16, 3:03 am 
Looks fantastic so far! Love, love, LOVE the graphics! The fact that they're kinda going for a western RPG-like thing is cool, though I'm a little concerned with how it's going to turn out.

I've been wary of being excited for Zelda since Twilight Princess (which disappointed me greatly). Hopefully this one won't disappoint!

PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, '16, 4:55 am 
This looks like Eiji Aonuma spent way too much time playing Snake Eater, and it shows. And that's not a bad thing.

So, this game. From what I know about it, Link starts with even less gear than he did back in the original Legend of Zelda game. (At least that game was courteous enough to start Link off with his clothes. Breath of the Wild just gives you three red Hearts and your underhosen.) You can also go to Hyrule Castle (where the game ends) at any time; yes, this means Link can fight Calamity Ganon with just three red Hearts and his underhosen. And win.

Every weapon and shield in the game is capable of breaking. This possibly includes the Master Sword, which is notably rusted and worn-looking. You can also throw any weapon in the game for double damage, but that breaks the weapon. To be fair, weapons are less "Baby's First Sword, the Master Sword, an even better sword that hurts Ganon less for Plot Reasons" like in every Zelda game and more "a fallen tree branch about as thick as Link's wrist, a hatchet, that arm Link ripped off a Stalfos and beat him to death with, a pitchfork like in that Game of Thrones PC game... oh, and a very obviously old Master Sword."

Shields can also be ridden down inclines like in Skyward Sword. (Not surprisingly, shields are not made for this kind of abuse and will rapidly damage and break if you do this.)

There are no Hearts or Rupees to be found by cutting tall grass. Link needs health badly? Go kill something and eat it. Need money? Sell stuff. Need arrows? Oh, look, there's a Bokoblin shooting arrows at you, kill it and loot the corpse.

Anything Link is wearing or has equipped on a D-Pad button will be visible on his character model. This includes clothing; shirts, pants, and boots are all individually equippable items. And yes, this is a gameplay mechanic. If you're not properly dressed for hot or cold climates, Link takes damage from the environment. And if Link tries to kick open a treasure chest without boots, the only thing he'll do is hurt his foot.

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