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PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, '10, 8:23 pm 
Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston, recently engaged, are thinking about a TV reality show: ... show-deal/

PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, '10, 9:31 pm 
I'm not a big fan of reality shows to start with, but I can't see this show idea being much of a success. A show about their relationship? I just don't predict many people being very interested in that. Holding out for a full series commitment without a pilot is not a good idea either, so they'll be very lucky if they can get this concept off the ground.

I can't think of a single successful TV series that didn't have a pilot when being shopped to networks.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 23, '10, 9:16 pm 
Ah. The REAL reason for their getting back together revealed!

Really, this... doesn't surprise me. At all.

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