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 Post subject: Boyfriend wins Lottery
PostPosted: Thu Oct 9, '08, 9:10 pm 
Remember a few months ago we were discussing a post on the board here regarding a woman that had been stuck on a toilet seat, and her boyfriend that finally alerted authorities for help after a very long time?

I'm not sure where those posts are as I couldn't find them offhand, maybe on the "Ridiculous Item Of The Day" thread somewhere, I'm not sure, which is why I didn't post this with the others and put it here instead. If anyone is unfamiliar with the story, then you may find more info if you want by googleing it.

Anyway, the boyfriend has won the lottery - again! :blank:

He's a very lucky fellow, in more ways than one. :yaknow:

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 9, '08, 9:13 pm 
Yeah, those are in the Ridiculous Item thread, as I'm the one who posted that story in the first place.

Man, talk about luck! But this guy's never going to get away from the media now after winning twice and the whole ordeal with his girlfriend.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 9, '08, 9:27 pm 
Caged Wolf, thanks for the confirmation of where those previous posts may be found. If anyone wants to read them and catch up on the "whole story" feel free. I guess I just didn't want to search back through all those posts. Interesting story, though, and it seems to be continuing on with this latest news. :)

I wish I could figure out how he's winning the lottery so much. I can't even figure out how to win one time. :yaknow:

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