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PostPosted: Mon Jul 12, '10, 4:38 pm 

This is an update art piece from one of my earlier submissions. This piece took me so long I lost track of how many hours I had put into it. The original image wasn't inked in, like I usually do with all my work, just the normal pencil sketch that was scanned in, so the colours aren't as sharp as those images. They're a bit more muted in this image.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 12, '10, 5:14 pm 
I was never a fan of the original version of this but I am liking this one. I assume Dark Force is hiding behind the hill there? :p Nah I'm kidding. It would be interfering with the rest of the picture if it was there, plus I doubt you want to go and draw it. That would add fair chunk of time on!

Anyhoo, good work again. :)

PostPosted: Tue Jul 13, '10, 8:16 pm 
Excellent, Lyla! :clap:

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