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 Post subject: Boston Legal
PostPosted: Thu May 1, '08, 9:27 pm 
I thought there was already a topic thread on this TV program but I couldn't find it, so I'm starting a new one. :p

Is anyone here a fan of this ABC TV series?

I love this show. It's one of the very few primetime programs that I watch on TV. Of course, a lot of what got me interested in it was when James Spader ("Stargate" movie fame) and William Shatner ("Star Trek") joined the series. The show also has some other great actors included Candice Bergman, and John Larraquette (sp?). One of the actors that began with the show, but is missing this season is Rene Auberjonois ("odo" on "Star Trek), who may make a few appearances during the season, I heard.

The show is about a team of Lawyers, and they try different cases each week with subjects ranging from just about anything you can think of. I mean that literally too. :wink: Sometimes the topics tried are important issues of the day, and sometimes they are really silly, I suppose, but they always wind up being interesting. William Shatner plays a character named "Denny Crane" and he is simply awesome and disgusting and funny in the same breath at times. :rofl: Shatner is awesome in the role! The show was created or spun off from a former show called "The Practice" which I also watched and it was very interesting too.

Anyhow, Boston Legal is usually on Tuesday nights, but this week was switched to Wednesday Nights to make room for a new series on Tuesday Nights (which I didn't watch because it sounded awful), and I did get to watch Boston Legal though. I think Boston Legal may be waiting to see whether it is picked up for another season. I sure hope it is as I would miss it dearly. It has a great theme song too!

Anyone else watch this show, or seen it at all?

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 12, '08, 8:03 pm 
Well, the series finale of "Boston Legal" was this past week. It was a 2 hour show. Did anyone else see it???

I am really going to miss this show, and this cast of characters and actors:

Actor James Spader played Alan Shore (I think that is his name),
Actor William Shatner played Denny Crane (he was a hoot in this show),
Actor Candice Bergin played Shirley Schmidt (think that's her name),
Actor John Larroquete played ??????
Actor Rene Auberjonis (from Star Trek) played ??????
and the others whose names I can't remember, but will never forget their faces and acting talent.

In the series finale Alan Shore and Denny Crane were married, as were Shirley and the guy played by John Larroquete. They were married in a double ceremony out by the lake and by one of the Supreme Court Justices' who had just recently presided over a case argued by Alan Shore on whether Denny Crane could get an experiemental drug for Alzheimers. Also the firm was being taken over by China or Japan businessmen and they dealt with that. It was an awesome show. I hate to see this show end as it was truly one of a kind. It will be on in reruns somewhere though. It is already in reruns on the ION channel, I think.

 Post subject: Re: Boston Legal
PostPosted: Tue Feb 2, '10, 10:36 pm 
Sad news.

One of the actors who was on the tv show "Boston Legal" was killed in what appears to be an automobile accident: ... crash.html

 Post subject: Re: Boston Legal
PostPosted: Tue Feb 2, '10, 10:58 pm 
I don't remember him, but it looks like he was only in a few episodes. Those are probably ones I didn't catch. I saw a few episodes of the later seasons (when Shatner was on the show), but only here and there.

Anyway, that's a shame. He was pretty young, too. Another potentially promising career cut short.

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