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 Post subject: Blockbuster problems ????
PostPosted: Tue Apr 7, '09, 11:25 pm 
Wow, I had no idea that Blockbuster may be having problems until I read this article: ... ?GT1=33002

Shocking, to say the least. This is one company that I thought would be doing fairly well these days as everyone likes to rent movies, games, etc., but I guess these troubled economic times have almost everyone suffering.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 8, '09, 12:09 am 
Have you seen their rental prices lately? It's like $8 for a game now. For brand new games, that's not so bad. However, on titles that are a few years old, that's nearly half the purchase price. The selection is not that great, either, but that probably varies from store to store.

With Netflix and a growing digital market offering more attractive deals, Blockbuster needs to seriously rethink their strategies if they want to stay in business. There's talk of the Wii getting movie downloads through Netflix. If that happens, you can be sure Netflix will be taking a much larger share of Blockbuster's market than that article suggests.

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