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PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, '12, 3:52 am 
This isn't really anything new to report, but I didn't see a discussion about it here yet. On YouTube, SEGA has been flagging Shining Force videos, and apparently it has to do with the fact that they are working on a new Shining Force game. HappyConsoleGamer and AlphaOmegaSin have both uploaded videos regarding the issue, but I can't post them here because of the language.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, '12, 7:03 am 
Reading up on it a bit, it sounds like Sega is targeting any video that even mentions Shining Force. Even those without any game play or other content Sega has a legal right to make a claim on are getting removed. They are definitely going way, way overboard in this.

If you ask me, I think someone in the Japan branch's marketing division, who has no real understanding of US law, is being more than a little overeager. I have a feeling this is going to bring Sega a lot of bad press and will come back to hurt them. It's definitely not going to promote sales of a new game, if that's really what Sega is intending.

I just hope Sega doesn't start doing the same with Phantasy Star videos.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, '12, 11:18 am 
Oups ! Thoul, if that's the case..what bad news ! If Phantasy Star videos are targeted too..what a mess it'll be...
But then Shining Force seems to be sort of "copyrighted" by SEGA ? That's never too good...:(

PostPosted: Mon Nov 4, '13, 12:50 am 
So they've either stopped flagging Shining videos... or stuff on Nico Video doesn't count?

Or maybe they were like me and trying to figure out what on Earth this is all about. A music video clearly... or is it a Toyota commercial.... the mysteries of Japan. :?

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