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 Post subject: Blindingly Bright
PostPosted: Sun Aug 31, '08, 8:11 am 
As soon as the party leaves the Soldier's Temple, the Aero-Prism in Chaz's hand glows brightly. Chaz doesn't even use it - it is as though the crystal can sense the desire to find Rykros and reacts automatically. It is a shame the series never went into more depth regarding this mysterious item. Where did it come from? How does it have such power? It is one of the few pieces connecting the trials of Alis, Rolf, and Chaz, but we know very little about it.


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PostPosted: Sun Aug 31, '08, 10:52 pm 
That is true, it is a shame more isn't revealed about the aero-prism. Rune seems to know quite a bit about it though, but that's probably due to Lutz's memories.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 1, '08, 1:01 am 
I think it comes from Ryucross (aeroprism seams to be made of the same material of that crystal planet).

Of course this stretched theory would only work if Air Castle also came from Ryucross (like a 5th tower that fell into Palma and is fluctuating until LaShiec/DF possessed it). The Dezo dungeons from PSII also had to have AirCastle/Ryucross materials because we use Aeroprism against those mystical fields. Hmmm... a very, very stretched theory.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 1, '08, 8:40 am 
Now that I think about it...the aero-prism does look like a crystal from Ryukos. Good thing you pointed that out newsblade :wink:

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 1, '08, 10:34 pm 
But what about Seth? He's not from Rykros, but the Aero-Prism has the same effect on him as it had on the Air Castle or the Dezo dungeons.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 2, '08, 12:04 am 
I always thought that DF just reveled himself (by is own will) before Chaz and party left Motavia to Ryucross... just like Gy-Laguiah has done in LandeaTower: he waited for Lutz take the Psychowand (that somehow it sealed by him) and when the protectors weren't need any more he tried to destroy them.

I never related the aeroprim with the dissolving of Seths body, before... but now that I watch it again it appears that Seth couldn't stand the immense light that was emerging from that prism. Also, I finnaly understand the idea of pro phallus meaning "prototype phallus" because of the "evolve" hint (in this case the other Dark Forces are the result of "Prophallus + the influence from the environment it has lived in").

Well, I have to rethink some points on that theory but somehow I feel the Aeroprism was a present given by Ryucross somehow (like a key to open the door, except it has other uses against darkness). In PSI (retranslation) they already hinted: "I hear you can use it to look at other worlds, eh."

How it went from Ryucross to Dezolis is a mystery... maybe it were the musk cats (I think Musk cats are from Dezo because of laruema fruits), maybe musk cats have some relation with Ryucross as well, like the eclipse torch (and that dezo-priest) that hint a relation between both planets.

 Post subject: Re: Blindingly Bright
PostPosted: Wed Oct 18, '17, 1:44 am 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

The mysterious aero-prism!

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