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 Post subject: Black Panther movie ?
PostPosted: Wed Jul 3, '13, 6:51 pm 
Speculation is a bound that there may be an upcoming movie focused on the super hero called "Black Panther". Anyone know anything about this super hero, and how do you think a movie based on this character will succeed or fail? ... ther-movie

 Post subject: Re: Black Panther movie ?
PostPosted: Thu Jul 4, '13, 10:00 am 
I've heard of the Black Panther, but don't know much about him. You'd think his name would be a little problematic, considering the political and ethnic complications of the real Black Panthers. As I understand it, the character was created before the resistance group was formed or at least was a visible presence, so the name is purely coincidence. I also think his costume seems way too similar to Batman's. That'll have to change in order to give him a signature look.

I do think these new superhero movies need more diversity in race, gender and nationality, because the more they keep doing these films, the more they all become sort of like oatmeal to me: bland and left wanting more. So I say go for it. Bring on the diversity!

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