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 Post subject: Birthdays Food related
PostPosted: Fri Oct 22, '10, 12:04 pm 
Thought I had already made a topic thread for food related birthdays, but guess not, so here goes:

Happy Birthday, and birthday rememberances, to all these food related subjects:

On September 09, 2010:
:cake: - Colonel Harland Sanders - (Founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken) - would be 120 - :tombstone:

On September 13, 2010:
:cake: - Milton Hershey - (founder Hershey Candy company) - would be 153 - :tombstone:

On October 11, 2010:
:cake: - Henry John Heinz, (founder of Heinz Ketchup Co.), would be 166 - :tombstone:

PostPosted: Tue May 10, '11, 9:25 am 
May 10th is the anniversary of the birth of Thomas Johnstone Lipton, of Lipton Tea fame. :cake:

So, think of Mr. Lipton the next time you enjoy that glass of iced tea. :proposetoast:

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