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PostPosted: Sun Jan 2, '11, 8:36 pm 
About 2,000 blackbirds fell from the sky in one place in Arkansas and experts still are not sure exactly why it happened: ... 95&catid=2

This story sounds very fishy (pardon the animal pun), but it's hard to believe they can not figure out why these birds fell and died, etc.

I only hope whatever it is that it doesn't start affecting humans in that area some how.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 4, '11, 4:16 pm 
That's an awful lot of birds. My first thought is poisoning, but with that many birds I'm not so sure. I have heard of this kind of thing happening with fish before, but that usually involves a tornado. Maybe this is some kind of weather event also.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 4, '11, 4:30 pm 
We had an article in the paper today about it being fireworks. Don't remember many details, though.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 4, '11, 7:16 pm 
Just found another article related to this story on the birds, which says that fish were also killed, and telling about another place where hundreds of birds were also killed in Louisiana: ... -louisiana

I don't know what's happening here, but it doesn't sound good.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 6, '11, 3:51 am 
Happened in a nearby town here in S.C. yesterday too! Was a flock of black birds in that instance as well.

Fireworks eh? I don't see how that could be possibe for the fireworks that got shot off on New Year's Eve night to be causing hundreds of birds to die off spontaneously days later.

And as for the poisoning arguement. If it were that easy to poison the things it would have already been done. We were never able to get more than five or six birds using extremely lethal poisoning bait in a very controlled enviroment. And the birds didn't die so quickly that they just fell out of the sky either. It did take a quick effect on them, but said quick effect was that they became to disoriented to fly almost instatly after consuming the poison. And if you weren't there to shoot them and put them out of their misery, or one got away into the brush and hid, it took a good three hours for the bird(s) to become completely immobilized before eventually dying. In short, we stoped poisoning the black birds as to continue using it caused the black birds far to much suffering before death, whereas the old method of just shooting them prevented them having to suffer more than a few seconds at most.

Based on what has happened, my guess is that these birds inhaled toxic gas/fumes, which would have an extremely more rapid effect than an ingestid poison. Which leads back to the previously mentioned fireworks... All of which are made in China. Could the fireworks have contained some manner of chemical agent which relaased lingering toxic fumes into the air? Could they have released a fine powder substance that settled as a toxic residue in the trees where these birds were roosting? And there are still yet far stranger explanations that I'd rather not think about which could be at fault here, oddities like flying DeLoreans and such.

What is painfully obvious from the testimonials of the people in that area is that the weather was clear that night. For two reasons we should rule out the governments bogus front story about high altitude hail.
1. Black birds roost at night. Yes, the fireworks could certainly startle them, but startling up a flock of five thousand (and one duck) that fell from the sky over a one mile stretch is incredibly doubtful.
2. It was a clear night. You can't have high altitude hail storms without storm capable clouds.

In cunclusion. Animals posses a unique trait that humans lack, the keen instinct to sense and flee from any perceived danger. I think that somewhere there is a government agency that knows, or has a pretty good idea, of exactly what caused the death of all these birds. I believe whatever it was that caused the death of these birds was noticed by these birds. And when the birds noticed the danger they attempted to flee and thus took flight. Unfortunately for them, whatever this danger was had either already taken effect on them or was covering such a vast area that they could not flee in time to escape from becoming the victims of whatever it was. The bodies of the birds sustained physical injury from falling out of the sky which left the government with a convenient piece of "evidence" to support their fronted claim that the flock had been caught in a high altitude hail storm.

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